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  1. Online electrical store? For plasma tv

    A quick search reveals the 42" S10 at Direct TV's for £639... I haven't gone into all the detail, but they have a showroom in Huddersfield, so looks like thats a reasonable bet to start negotiations... Same price at Richer Sounds for the G10. Oh yeah, and don't get too caught up in "its got to be the latest model" because you'll end up in the position of always waiting for the next one!! So long as its good at the time, it'll be fine!!
  2. Online electrical store? For plasma tv

    Shop on the internet, find the best price. Find the closest to best price you can from a retailer with an actual business premises - very often Richer Sounds. Next, contact the undersales dept at your nearest (doesnt have to be that near) John Lewis store and they will then pricematch, and include a 5 year guarantee and free delivery. Job done!
  3. 320d or 325d coupe auto

    320d auto in 177bhp flavour is very good - if you floor it from rest its fine, but more restrained starts are a bit tardy. Aside from that its really very very capable.....and a remap just makes it even more so... Very little "diesel noise" from driver's seat, and sit anywhere else in the car and you wouldn't know at all.. 325 will be smoother and a bit quieter, but very little performance difference and worse mpg...can't see the point myself...
  4. GTI on Vredestein Wintrac Extremes

    I reckon its all a plot by the tyre companies to sell more tyres......gradually, over a few years, make the OE tyres progressively worse in cold conditions, and then bingo, a new market for selling extra sets of winter tyres.......
  5. ......which is what I recommended......
  6. 3.0 Tdi avant

    :eek: Looks like a Corvette to me!!! +++ I'm off to the Audi showroom for one of those...
  7. 3.0 Tdi avant

    :roflmao: Funny....I thought "gizze" Norfolk..... :rolleyes: Trouble with the "3" is theres a new one due soon isn't there....???
  8. Elise or a "7", depending on just how hardcore you want to go!!!
  9. I thought so too!! Thanks for the welcome! At least I'm now "active"... Seriously though, OP mentions that money isn't really an issue, so why choose these 2 ??? However, if you must RX7. If you want a car for the track then there's no substitute for lightweight and low centre of gravity.....imho of course....
  10. 3.0 Tdi avant, back to your original idea and get the 2.0TFSi petrol Diesel only really makes economic sense for regular longer journeys...imo
  11. As track car? Neither!
  12. MP3 / Ipod / Bluetooth Connectivity

    Will rather depend on what version of the various bits of kit you mention is being used....but as a starter, in the standard set up you can use a simple plug connection in the armrest cubby and the player will play through the speakers (after selecting aux on head unit). You will be able to control volume using the sterring wheel buttons but thats it....track info/changing etc will need to be controlled on the player itself.
  13. Company car remap

    In my experience remap didnt add anything to (fleet) car policy...
  14. BMW 320d Coupe M Sport - Poor Economy

    You are getting good mileage! BMW figures are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy optimistic!! Over 22,000 miles of mixed driving my long term avg is 39.5...... mine's an auto. ON a m-way run it will do mid to late 40's depending on the conditions/speed. Around town it will do mid 30's.... Dealership are right, nothing wrong with it!
  15. Touareg V10 stuck in snow and ice

    Its the driver! More or less confessed in the comments....!