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  1. Eratic idle possible ecu update

    its just been serviced by myself about a week ago which included oil,oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and even a new set of coil packs but this as made it a lot worst over the last week. what about the update? doyou think vw are trying to con me. as for the clicking sound it only happens in reverse. i even dipped the clutch but it still makes the noise.
  2. Eratic idle possible ecu update

    once the engine as warmed up it starts playing up. revs dropping right down to about 500rpm then bounces right back up again and then down which ends up with either my revs bouncing all over the place or the engine stalling. also the engine stalls when stopping at a juction or lights. this can be quite often as in all day every time i stop and then the next day it could be fine with no problems at all with all the power restored. but most of the time it just does the following: eratic idle(when rev nedle drops, the main headlighs start dimming at the same time the needle drops). hesitation on pull off.(1.2 fiesta left me at lights from stand still) what going on lol cutting out when stopping and sometimes when i dip the clutch to change gear or ease off the accelerator around a corner which is very dangerous as you losse the power steering aswell. also not shore if this is releated but there i a load mechanicle clicking sound when i reverse and a squeally sound when driving in a certain rev range.
  3. hi all, hi have owned a mk4 golf now for a year now but had nothing but trouble with the engine cutting out and eratic idle. for a while sensors were poping up on vag com that needed replacing ie. coolont temp and lanba sensor. i replaced the following sensors and vw cleared the fault codes but the problem was still there. they then scanned vi vag com a week later and the engine speed sensor poped up. i replaced the speed sensor but the fault was still their. they then told me that my ecu requires a upate that will cost a hours labour £70. not bad. But there was a catch. they told me that if my ecu did not accept the update i would then need a new ecu and throttle boddie at a cost of £1095. (what a price jump) can anyone tell me if this i true or if anyone as had this updae done as i could really do with getting it sorted but cannot afford a £1095 if it all goes wrong. MK4 GOLF 1.6 16V (AZD) 2000 X REG ANY HELP WOULD BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED