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  1. Under 40 MPG club

    22,000 Miles and avergaing 38.9mpg, think something must be wrong with my DIS! or my foot!
  2. Noisy 2.0 TDI

    My TDI drank oil for the first 12,000 miles, I put in approx 4-5 litres during that period, so be sure to keep a regular check on the oil level and make sure the bottle in the boot is topped up. I'm now on 20,000 miles and don't think I've topped it up since, although it has had a service.
  3. I've got an IRiver H340 mp3 player and want to attach it to my Audi with Symphony II stereo. I understand that I need some kind of AUX input but all the ones I can find are £50 - £70. I can understand that sort of price to add a CD Changer as I guess there is some electronics going on to provide power and control to the changer, but to add an mp3 player just as a line-in device (no power or control needed from the Symphony) surely this can't be right? Am I missing something? Any ideas or recommendations would be great.
  4. How many miles.......

    hmmm must be something wrong with my tractor..... 4 Litres of oil in 16k miles get about 420miles out of a tank (50 litres) maybe something wrong with my foot.....
  5. Scuffed Alloys

    I'd consider yourself lucky mate, my girlfriend kerbed my A3 at 30-35mph. Now I have a nice big scratch around the edge of half the alloy! The car was only a month old at the time, and she was suprised that I was a little upset with her..... Let that be a lesson to you, don't let your bird near a brand spanking new car. It's all good now, she won't drive the thing anymore for fear of denting it!
  6. 2.0 TDI fuel consumption

    I guess I must have a heavy foot or something Done just over 10k miles in 9 months and my average is 39.3mpg! Still I guess it's better than any petrolhead could manage, especially with my foot!
  7. Oil Change A3 2.0 TDI

    [ QUOTE ] sven, in uk, audi are the only place where you can buy the specific oil. i have asked where i can buy the oil other than audi, and audi have the rights to their own specific formulae for the oil in with my 2.0TDi A3 uses... unfortunately... so when u buy the oil, you might as well let them change it for u... [/ QUOTE ] I went to Halford's last week an bought the exact long life oil that came with the car, so whoever told you that you can't buy it is talking rubbish mate.
  8. Fuel Gauge

    [ QUOTE ] Mine seems quite similar! I get about 650-700 miles out of a full tank and average 45-50 mpg on each trip - but then I am probably older than you lot and have the missus looking at speedo when it starts creeping into 3 figs! [/ QUOTE ] Yeah I get about 100 miles out of mine before the needle starts to move, depends on how I'm driving and how much I decided to try and squeeze in to the tank! I generally drive it till the light pops up and squeeze between 50-55 litres in there, I think the tank is 60 litres. 45-50mpg! man your woman must be on you like a hawk if you rev over 2500rpm, the only time I get that is if I'm crawling on the motorway at 60!
  9. Oil Burning!

    Ok I know Diesels do burn a bit of oil but I've done about 9,000 miles in my car and had to put in about 2 litres of oil so far! Is this normal? I'm using the 0w-15W stuff that comes with the car, would anyone recommend moving to a slighty heavier oil or will that really bugger up my long life servicing thingy?
  10. New A3 2.0 TDi chipping???

    I know that will do the new 2.0 TDi, but from what the other guys have said they are more for the Max Power Brigade With regard to warranty, is it easy for the dealer to find out that the car has been remapped? I know the ECU has been reprogrammed etc, but is it obvious to the dealer that it has been modifed from it's defaults?

    Only an enquiry really to see what people though of them. Two friends have just got the new Golf 2.0 GT Tdi, one has had his chipped already (3 Days after delivery!) by Superchips. The one without the chip seemed fairly impressed at the performance gain on the other. No rolling road tests were done though so no figures to speak of.

    Anyone used these guys in th UK?? Thinking of getting my A3 2.0 TDi chipped. Any feedback would be great.
  13. Ultimate Diesel Again

    I tried a tank of the stuff and noticed no difference at all (apart from in my wallet), I know your supposed to use a few tanks of the stuff, but have have a brand new 2.0 A3, that only had 1200 miles on the clock at the time so I can't see what difference it can make to a brand new engine that doesn't have a load of buildup in it from other fuels......maybe I'm wrong, I'd sure like to be proven wrong. But I can honestly say that I didn't see any gain in performance and it certainly wasn't quieter. On saturday I managed to fill my TDi with the most expensive tank of fuel ever......30 quid's worth of unleaded.....which ended up costing me £290 after getting it towed to an Audi dealer to be drained! What a bunch of rip off 's I can't believe it costs 260 notes to drain a tank of the way I had not started the engine with it in so it hadn't gone through the system. Feel a little bit foolish and don't think I'll be doing it again!
  14. New A3 2.0 TDi chipping???

    Anyone had it done? just wondering what sort of results people have had?
  15. Anyone got a new shape A3 yet?

    Got my new 2.0 Tdi Sport about 2 1/2 weeks ago, liking it alot! A little bit better than my Ford Mundeo thats for sure. Spec is as follows:- 2.0 Tdi Sport Mauritius Blue Symphony II Arm Rest Light Sensor Pack Storage Pack Just trying to find a damn BP station that sells Ultimate diesel now I'll post some pics when I get a chance to clean it.