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  1. Octavia v Superb

    I'm not sure but am I right in thinking that the Octavia is a hatchback and the Superb is not? That might make a difference to him if he carts lots of big stuff about.
  2. Fabia vrs fuel consumption problem

    It sounds like it might be my mpg gauge more than anything then. I've brimmed it quite a few times now and run it down until the 'miles left in the tank' meter runs to 0. I've been getting just shy of 350 miles out of a tank which works out at 36.5mpg. Does this sound about right for this time of year with winter fuel? Any idea how many miles you or your mate normally get out of a tank? And any idea if possible to recalibrate a dirty, low-down lying mpg gauge? P.S. Is yours remapped at all?
  3. Fabia vrs fuel consumption problem

    There's no noticeable loss of power although it does shudder a bit at idle sometimes. It also coughs sometimes when I come off the gas pedal to try hold my speed although I can never get it to do it when I mean to. I'll get someone to have a look at it. Thanks for the info
  4. Fabia vrs fuel consumption problem

    Having done a bit of research I have found out that a faulty MAF(i'm no mechanic so don't quite understand what this is) can affect the fuel consumption. Does anybody know if this can be faulty but still come up ok on a diagnostic? Some info about an Audi with the same engine and same problem seems to suggest that it can...
  5. Fabia vrs fuel consumption problem

    Cheers for the reply, although I'm fairly sure it's not this. I am a driving instructor and had a Skoda Fabia before this one(albeit a comfort 100bhp) and I used to get 460miles out of a tank with that one and the mpg gauge used to average about 44mpg. My driving style hasn't changed at all. It's a proper puzzler this one
  6. I wonder if anyone out there can help. I've just bought a 3 year old fabia vrs and having had it for long enough have realised I only get about 345 miles out of a full tank and I'm sure I should get about 450ish out of it. I've just had it checked for any leaks and had it serviced(new oil/air/fuel filters, although done at an independent garage)but made no difference. I've also had it in the Skoda Garage to run a full diagnostic and nothings come up. The mpg gauge reads out at about 47mpg but in reality I'm only getting about 36mpg. According to Skoda 'there's nothing wrong with it'. I corrected them in saying 'there is something wrong with it you just can't figure out what it is'. Has anybody, in their infinite wisdom, have any ideas what it might be. I've been left scratching my head...