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  1. i have oil dripping onto manifold on my impreza and it smells any ideas were that oil leek will be comming fromi suspect rocker topgasket what you think,anybody had this problem at all
  2. cut out probs with my sccoby

    well im hoping thats the case mate is there anyting i can do about this as its a bit of a pain
  3. cut out probs with my sccoby

    i havent done any thing yet ill try it on a full tank and get back to you all and i will check the coil packs oh by the way were are the coil packs im a bit thick when it comes to stuff like that
  4. cut out probs with my sccoby

    its a 98 2.0 turbo awd thanks
  5. cut out probs with my sccoby

    it misfires my friend then carrys on wat apain in the arse
  6. hi all im neil i have an impreza turbo 2.0 and when i give it some welly round corners it cuts out can anybody tell me why, its pissing me off lol