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  1. Ipod / USB Interface (No Sound) Help!

    With the BMW supplied USB / Aux cable connected the Aux and USB options are replaced with 'IPOD' on the headunit which I select... and choose a track selection... appears to be playing but with no sound. Many thanks
  2. Having recently taken delivery of my new 1 Series Coupe MSport and added the options for Bluetooth Phone, Upgraded Speakers and Business Audio and USB / Ipod compatible..... I was keen to plug my ipod in as soon as possible however I have the following problems and hoping someone can help:- I initially tried the apple USB cable and wasnt suprised this didnt work with my iPhone, it did however work well with an old style ipod nano I had with the exception of not having full access to all the playlists and menus etc.... So I reluctantly shelled out £45 for the BMW Supplied USB / Aux cable which although now allows me to navigate all the menus and playlists correctly is somewhat useless as I now have no sound at all.... Am I being amazing stupid, missing something here... or does it sound like there is a real problem? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated! Regards