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  1. Leak from Air Condition on Touran

    Not a bad guess then Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Leak from Air Condition on Touran

    Sounds like the drain tube for the condensor is kinked or not fitted correctly. I've had a few still tied up before now where they forget to drop them down into place at the factory.
  3. Techie's back!

    It is fairly rapid. Should be 260-270 when set up correctly.
  4. Techie's back!

    Hello people, after sometime away I have wandered back to TS. Some of you may remember me or at least my black Fabia vRS or even the Yellow Skoda pick up I had. Well having left Skoda i'm now working as a master technician in the VW dealer network for my sins. Things have moved on car wise as they always do with me. I currently have two VW's in my family fleet. VW Polo Variant AFT 1.6 8v 100PS quick spec.. 280mm Ibiza Cupra front brakes Ibiza Cupra front spoiler Ibiza Cupra alloys De badged rear and wiper removed And my current project motor 1988 Golf GTi (formerly 8v) quick spec.. 225bhp APX Audi TT engine Turbosmart boost controller Emerald M3DK management De cat Sebring exhaust BMC induction kit Atmostpheric DV Coil overs 280mm brakes Recaros Hope you like them both :love:
  5. Modified Felicia Fun
  6. Modified Felicia Fun

    £4500 ono
  7. Modified Felicia Fun

    Thank you
  8. Modified Felicia Fun

    My Fun is up for sale due to our family of two becoming three Its just how I want it now bar a 1.8T conversion (which is it begging for), but its not something I have the time or the finances to do now. Its been good fun building it and I would love it to stay in the community. Our baby isnt due until August so there is no rush to sell it. I have a rough idea how much i want for it and can wait to get that if needs be. Ideally i think its worth around £5k as it stands as standard models range from £1500 to £6000 for a very late one in pristine condition, but we shall see how it goes. If someone was to offer me the money now however i would let it go. Right the truck for those that dont know.... <u>Engine</u> 1.6 8v Mpi (AEE Polo engine) K+N Air filter Custom side exit exhaust <u>Suspension</u> Rayvern Hydraulic air ride suspension kit Adjustable dampers front and rear <u>Bodywork</u> Full re spray in pearl yellow by Gary’s Bodycraft Smoothed and modified front and rear bumpers De badged front grill Custom toneau cover <u>Interior</u> Urban X sports recliners 280mm Momo Team steering wheel Fully sound deadened Rear seats removed for ICE Aux gauge and switches for suspension <u>Wheels</u> 7 x 15” RH Cups with Yokohama tyres <u>ICE</u> Pioneer MEH - 77MP headunit Genesis Profile four amp Alpine MRD-605 amp Alpine SPX-137R components Pioneer TS-SW124D subwoofer in sealed enclosure Im open to offers via PM/email/phone if you have it More pics etc here.. Thanks for reading Ross
  9. Look out jack, techie is back.

    [ QUOTE ] When are we having Techie vs Tobes in the MK Pickup shootout? [/ QUOTE ] He He, mine may have the style but no where near the power of any of the Tobes beasts.
  10. Look out jack, techie is back.

    Despite the old wheels being 'perfect' I still changed them for some deep dish Euro RH Cups, much better I think. And added some bass.. Good for a massage
  11. Look out jack, techie is back.

    They are perfect for what I need, they are only 6J wide so tuck up in the arches when on full drop, which incedentally it isnt in those picstures
  12. Look out jack, techie is back.

    You got it mate, the wheels are from the Mk3 Ibiza Cupra, refurbed by a friend in anthracite.
  13. Look out jack, techie is back.

    [ QUOTE ] Did you buy the car from a gypsy site?? [/ QUOTE ] He He looks like it doesnt it. Thats at my mates bodyshop (he rents a farm unit where people stash thier caravans etc) Heres a few pics of the 'just' about finished exterior of the truck, just got the windows done Just the install left to finish off and thats about it really. Just trying to keep it clean and tidy over winter so i can show it off next year.
  14. Look out jack, techie is back.

    Ahh looney I am indeed. Pic is at the Queen Elenor pub N'pton.