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  1. All Time Classics

    Practical classics Original Mini Original Beetle BMW 2002 BMW E30 M3 Lotus Cortina Ford Escort Mk1 Porsche 356 Renault 4 Saab 95 Mustang Fiat 500/600 Mercedes 180/190
  2. Looked at an RS5 this w/e

    Oh dear. Hope this is just a one-off and not the DRC type issue for the RS5.
  3. Looked at an RS5 this w/e

    The B7 RS4 commanded far better respect & admiration.
  4. Looked at an RS5 this w/e

    The M5 will the 1st of a new generation of cars, whilst the RS5 already looks dated & is really a bit like the "old" M6. And hopefully the M5 interior will be as good as the Audi.
  5. Bubbling paint on trim - should I try to claim?

    Sorry to hear of your experience. I also have found BMW customer service far superior and pragmatic compared to Audi & Mercedes.
  6. RS4 Avant and what to look for ask?

    Thanks for that It seems the suspension issues are sorted, so no more worries. You mentioned that was the weakest part. What are the next 2, or 3 4 weak links? Cheers
  7. RS4 & Bluetooth

    Thanks very much. Was not too keen on the cradle fitment
  8. That's a great deal, for to buy the warranty at the end of 3 years on annual basis (that's all you can do) is far more expensive.. £535 invested in an extended warranty will yield better "returns" than any bank account right now.
  9. Bubbling paint on trim - should I try to claim?

    The aluminium trim on the 2006/07 RS4 suffers the same fate. Audi of course blame aggressive cleaning materials. The 2009 S4 has a different type of trim - make of that what you want. To me, it's QC, and they have changed suppliers.
  10. RS4 & Bluetooth

    So a retrofit does not require the centre console, right?