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  1. Ok I have just got back from a boys weekend away and my mate who also has an RS4 Saloon took his car as well. I noticed whilst we were there that his boot opens fully when he holds the boot button on his key and mine just pops the catch ??? On investigation the only difference is in the right hand side “arm” which holds the boot lid. It appears to have an extra spring and lever piece but all the rest is the same. Not sure why his has this and mine not as neither of remember seeing it as an option on the list ??? Does anyone know what if this is a viable retro fir and if they have seen it done ?? Any part numbers would be good?? Many thanks
  2. ITIL V3 Soft Copy

    Is the "hardcopy" on your toilet roll holder! If not should be
  3. Florida - Orlanda - Disney. Need to Plan

    These guys were great - tailor made and good prices for an odd schedule - my only advice was it is never cheap and have a rest after the parks and get out to Clearwater on the second week. Clearwater Beach Hotel is lovely! Enjoy mate.
  4. Sky HD menu update

    Yes looks good eh
  5. Offical: Audi RS4 Avant

    Well I'm going to be positive; I like it and miss my B7 so after 2 years in a sensible run around I will most prob be on the look out for one a few months old like last time. To say it has not moved on much from the B7 is no bad thing really! If it's as good and new then fine by me. Let's be honest how many horses do we need on a day to day basis? It will suit my needs fine and I like the look of it. Suspect it will return better MPG than the B7 so that's also good (FSI tech etc) A 4.2 V8 is never going to get high MPG so if you want a V8 and 420 BHP then get over it! Hmmmmmmmmmm - very tempted.
  6. What's the ultimate 80s car icon?

    Yes got a few drives back in the day (long ago) compared to my Mini 1275 GT they were exotic and quick.
  7. What's the ultimate 80s car icon?

    Escort RS Turbo (Mk1) White and totally desirable to me back then. Mates Dad had one and then a Mk1 Cosworth (Ford worker) and he was allowed to drive them all the time, lucky sod!
  8. Funny how ironic that an Audi with 440 is deemed as not enough!!
  9. How old is the xbox wireless dongle thing? Older ones don't do wpa2 !!!
  10. Offical: Audi RS4 Avant

    B7 came in at about £53k all loaded new (ex Sports Suspension Pack) It is mucho money but seriously I think it looks great to me, subtle, proper Quattro and the lovely V8 which with the new FSI should he hopes get 250 miles per tank?? My old B7 was in for juice every 180 miles or so. I think 440bhp is enough and very happy it has not gone back to turbo days, the delivery will be sublime. Avant only?? this time I think is a good call. Possibly a great call at 6 months old for me if I can negotiate me back in to a fast car!!! Alfa is pretty but not exactly sporty!!
  11. New RS4

    I like that - might tempt me back to the RS4 if I can keep my mileage down!!!
  12. Ditto for BMW, Merc etc etc etc.
  13. Asda Car Parking based on emissions

    The first step towards a "brave new world" by Aldous Huxley ??
  14. Asda Car Parking based on emissions

    Should be some sort of Internet campaign for as many tax exempt old cars to come out on one day and sit in the car park! just because they can! Read somewhere that it's so the local residents don't get anymore pollution!! yeah so 10 spaces for low emissions is really going to help that in the grand scale of things!! Just like most green policies IMHO a total f@cking pointless political expensive gesture!! Mr Angry SEE
  15. Asda Car Parking based on emissions

    Tax exempt ?
  16. Asda Car Parking based on emissions

    Asda you f@cking muppets!! How can that possibly be enforceable. LOW VED cars are generally newish and cost a few pounds. Is this not discrimination based upon wealth? Ironic for Asda?? Might just have to go and park in the store just to see what they do or take my 1960 two stroke scooter down and plonk it in the bay! More than happy for disabled people to get their own large spaces, don't mind so much parent and baby spaces (although having children is a choice and most spaces taken by vans and people carriers with teenage kids on board) BUT this is just stupid, what green idiot in marketing came up with that. As JC says ......... shoot them NOW.
  17. Anyone recommend a hotel in central Rome?

    We booked direct and got a good deal but it was March ish (IIRC) Yeah good for all the old stuff and not too bad walking to most things. I even got dragged into walking to St Peters and I HATE walking. Watched Roma vs Lazio on the Sunday night and the town went wild ALL night when Roma won. Just wear sunglasses or you will be smacked by the Mrs for watching the ladies............
  18. Anyone recommend a hotel in central Rome?

    Good luck - we loved it - not spectacular but really nice and modern with rooftop views. Try and get one with a balcony it was fab sitting out looking over the hills of Rome. Rooftop restaurant I believe (not open in march when we went) Was 5 Years ago but always recommend to friends etc. Sent my parents there for anniversary and they loved it as well.
  19. Anyone recommend a hotel in central Rome?

    Home Page Went there about 5 years ago - good location I thought. Not silly money but nice and small and more personal.
  20. Gary Speed

    I am not comparing the two. I am merely pointing out that as much as we all seem to be appalled at the press when it suits us. Not supporting the press at all but just pointing out that one headline is basically the same as the next when it comes to reporting on celebs. Frankly to be in lime light you have to expect the spotlight to fall on you at times when you don't want it to. For the record I am a lifelong Leeds fan so Gary Speed is high on my list of top blokes in football.
  21. Gary Speed

    Agreed Tipex but at the time GG was just a headline and not guilty at that stage! personally I have no interest in celebs lives but by the very nature of being a "celeb" people do take an interest in "shocking" headlines and secrets.
  22. Gary Speed

    Interesting devils advocate question -is it OK for the press to out "bad" things? Would we all be morally outraged if Gary Glitter had hung himself after being exposed as a pedo? (wishful thinking included) or similar???? Discuss.
  23. Dumb question but it has not got any write / read protect software on it has it? nothing unusual in root? try an elevated admin cmd prompt (if vista or 7) and the attrib cmd with -r /s on it. Seem to recall that has helped before. Also might be an idea to try it all on an xp machine.
  24. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of little significance.

    Very telling eh!! The consummate driver, was straight into the data after the initial cross moment. Unlike some others..............