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  1. MkV Gti interlagos bolster wear..Advice req!

    Not sure how I'd approach that one with the guy, maybe excuse me sir could I measure your ass to seat ratio and see if the seat wear equation means accelerated wear due to your excessive rump and penchant for pies He'd probably lamp me :smashfreak:
  2. MkV Gti interlagos bolster wear..Advice req!

    Cheers guys, that's put my mind at rest. I may get it into a specialist to have the bolsters replaced or get a price of the stealer to do the job. Appreciate your time :D
  3. Hi Guys, I'm a pretty fanatical VAG lover at heart although I have ventured, stumbled into old fords occasionally. I've just put a deposit on a 50K 06 plate MkV Gti. I really just want to see if anyone has experienced premature bolster wear to the drivers seat. There isn't any thinning of the interlagos cloth but there's substantial flattening of the foam to the bottom right and hip bolsters, the car is pretty mint apart from this and from experience of earlier VAG "sports" seats it seems a little odd. Our 2003 A4 tdi sport has no wear with 135K on the clock ! It's a 2 owner car, the guy I'm purchasing from is a slim chap and very careful, guess there's no telling if the first owner was a bit of a bruiser who threw himself in the car ! I have carried out a HPI check as to verify the miles and it all comes back clear, mileage aswell. It's has full VAG history too and the rest of the car looks 30K. Any advice/ experience you've had with this would be appreciated as it's niggling me Cheers in advance !