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  1. Almost a new biker....

    To be fair its not much over 400 when I'm sat on it lol
  2. Almost a new biker....

    That was not entirely my fault, there was A LOT of alcohol involved and someone has switched around the goped front/rear brake levers!
  3. Slovakiaring : 1st - 3rd Sept '17

    I already feel like this is a slippery slope lol! Dates being investigated.....
  4. Almost a new biker....

    Get ready for an incoming bike thread, less than 1 month to go.....
  5. Slovakiaring : 1st - 3rd Sept '17

    Tell me more!
  6. Almost a new biker....

    Yes please dude - have just been on the phone to firm up a quote but gave up due to the absolute bell end on the phone at MCE. Had literally already gone home for the day in his head, couldn't be bothered to go through the quote details and said "you got zero bonus, the cost is the cost init".
  7. Almost a new biker....

    Good point, my dad's with MCE - will give them a go Am going a bit round in circles tbh, still haven't found time to test the MT07/09 - actually thats not strictly true as I did almost get a date booked but the dealer sold their 2016 demo bikes! Now waiting for the new ones to arrive. I go from MT07/09, then thinking the new Street Triple, then thinking get a deal the old Street Triple, to thinking the new ST-R has loads of new bits, then get big insurance quotes, then go back to the Yamaha's MT09 for punch and 07 for sensible - except I think the 7 feels too small just sitting on it not going anywhere!
  8. Almost a new biker....

    cheers for the linky - £1,100 with 600 excess - for the 9, getting better
  9. Almost a new biker....

    Just found one company, Lexham who have the 2017 MT09 on their underwriters system and they want £1,400 GBP (garaged with abus lock+ground anchor, no commuting, 3k miles a year)
  10. Almost a new biker....

    After the technical fluff up that was the Street Triple live launch I've looked at the specs and the middle model, the 'R', seems to be the one that gets most of the new trick bits - its also going to be at least £9k (the base model S is 8k). The other challenge at the moment is that neither the new Street Triple, nor the 2017 MT07/09 are on the insurance underwriters list yet - so currently unable to get any quotes until "the system" catches up (tried online with, Devitt, Bennetts and called the last two directly). Understandable for the Triumph as its only just been announced, but for the Yamaha's there are physical bikes in dealers to ride off on today - any ideas how to get round this insurance problem or know anyone who can quote?
  11. Almost a new biker....

    New years day update: took a Street Triple out just before christmas - crikey it was lively! Less weight and plenty more power compared to the 600 learner machine at the school. Still haven't managed to find a clear, non-hungover, dryish day to take the MT07/09 out All NEW Street Triple being unveiled on 10th Jan so definitely not making any decisions before then - might mean some deals on the outgoing model
  12. Almost a new biker....

    Typically I haven't had 5 mins to myself since passing to get moving on test rides - though my shiny new license arrived in the post this morning! Official!
  13. Almost a new biker....

    That looks lovely - great colour! Working in France next week so test rides to commence soon after
  14. Almost a new biker....

    Holy carp - I'm a biker!!!! Interesting module 2 ride, even had to do a real emergency stop after some old dears pressed the button on a crossing (40mph dual carriageway) - it instantly went amber and they just stepped out into the road!
  15. Almost a new biker....

    Hi Jon - thank you for the excellent information, Scotty was saying you guys had a ball in Spain! Will definitely test the 07 and 09 - the 07 is still in the frame after reading this months Bike mag real world performance test in which it more than held its own against much more expensive competition The upgrades you've made sound interesting - does that mess up insurance in the same way car mods do? Updating the suspension, exhaust, ECU and some cosmetics sounds like insurance license to stiff you!