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  1. Tyre rumble on Mk V GTI

    Was yours on the front then?
  2. Tyre rumble on Mk V GTI

    Just got back from local tyre man. Had a rumble at 20-40 mph. Turned out to be a rear offside tyre (Pyrelli) which had become uneven on the inside. Tyre had done about 8000 miles. Same thing happened a couple of years ago with original tyre - rear offside tyre again. Tyre man said this is quite common, but I've never had this on any other car. Any thoughts?
  3. - No you don't if you have any interest in sound quality. They are a triumph of branding over quality. Ask anyone who knows about quality HiFi or car audio. If you look on any audiophile forum Bose will either be totally ignored, or regarded as a joke (BOSE = Better Off with Something Else).
  4. GTR - first service, 6 months, 5k miles

    Hi Bazza, Could you detect any difference in the gearbox/clutches. Mine is coming up to optimisation and is bl**dy difficult to reverse slowly up hill out of garage.