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  1. Anyone? Or is this an eBay job to shift on? Or perhaps any good BMW UK owner forums???
  2. As new BMW E46 wind deflector for sale. Fits all E46 Convertibles including the M3. Looking for around £130, or nearest/best offer, shipped within the UK. Thanks!
  3. VW Mk 6 GTi Bluetooth questions

    Thanks tidydubs. Update - having found a way to make the bluetooth work for a week with my BB 9780 it has today given up the ghost. It worked in the car (with that handset) for a week and then ceased today despite all my attempts. Also took it into the VW dealer locally and they see this all the works fine at first and then the BT side of decides it doesn't like the handset (HTC/i-phone/BB etc) and ceases to work full stop. Of course VW UK will blame the handset or it's software whilst the dealer has no clue full stop. Somehow the same (newish) BB worked just fine with a 7 year old X5 but cannot work with a 1 year old golf Gti.....madness! Waiting for VW UK to call me back and see if there is a software upgrade................
  4. We have just had a Mk 6 GTi delivered and it has (unknown to me or the supplying dealer!!) the factory fitted Bluetooth telephone option that works via the RCD510 touch screen system. Wonder if anyone can help with a couple of questions in relation to using a Black Berry Bold (new 9780) with this system? Questions are; 1. It would appear that when connected to the car the Blackberry services are disconnected - therefore no mails can be received whilst paired to the car (?) 2. The VW "SAP" system seems to over rule the other functions of the handset and cannot access mails/texts/contacts from handset when connected to the Bluetooth car system. 3. Once you have downloaded the Telephone book it only appears to pick up the SIM contacts and not the Handset ones? Do you therefore do you have to go through all the current "live" contacts to add, or then delete the old SIM ones no longer required? Thanks for any help here as I don't expect to get much assistance from the dealer on this one...... cheers
  5. Prestige vs "normal" car dealerships

    Just goes to show how things differ in the same organisation as Derby Audi are a Sytner dealership too....
  6. RS4 Valuation help needed..

    Sounds familiar Bazza!! Hope he likes the RS4.
  7. X5 Nav

    Biscuits is right about the new system being excellent and feature rich. The latest BMW system is pretty much the best out there right now IMO. IIRC the X5 and X6 got the HDD nav from build week 36 of 2009 but there were further updates from March 2010 build (when the facelift X5 with 8 speed auto came out)
  8. RS3 Best Colour Choice?

    I'd have Daytona Grey personally.
  9. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    Can I disagree with you now?! Ashley and I are getting towards the same page...and not that far away in what we're probably saying/sharing with the forum on this topic.
  10. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    You will also note that if the dealer does not order a demo vehicle, Audi UK will order one on there behalf, I believe your initial post was based on challenging my opinion that 500 units only for the UK, was a load of tosh based on what I was saying in relation to the realities of the dealer allocation Demo Press cars etc added to actual customer orders, and unless I have interpreted your last post incorrectly, you are now agreeing that in all probability there will actually be more than 500 cars produced and delivered to the UK market. Mate Suspect it is more of case of us both splitting hairs here to be honest.... The fact is that as this point in time Audi UK have allocated 500 units for the UK market. Further to that there is (as there always is with any limited allocation/production car) that another market may over perform compared to it's competing one and as result the allocations are switched into the stronger market. That's the law of supply and demand of course. Given the likely allocation of demo/press/show and customer cars the number of 500 will be taken very quickly (even at the price of £40k++) as it's a very small number for the UK market. Then at that point Audi UK will know how other markets have reacted and may allocate more cars to the UK. Therefore anyone who orders the RS3 on the sole promise/premise/hope it will only have 500 units for the UK as their main buying criteria stands to be disappointed in all eventuality - but then that is not the sole reason to buy such a car in the first place. However even if the final UK number ended up being double that it really won't seriously dent the desirabilty of the car or it's future residual value. Therefore I do still agree there is a chance to say the allocation will be more than 500 units but do think it's a little premature/churlish for someone to say that the 500 unit allocation is "boll0x" - even if that is from an Audi DP with several sites under his/her control. For what it is worth I think it's going to be a storming little car and will be very sought after both new and used.
  11. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    No one is saying that Audi are limiting production but at this point in time the allocation is limited to the stated 500 cars for the UK market. Audi UK have always launched cars in a similar fashion i.e. each dealer or dealer group needs to have an active demo car and a showroom car that cannot be sold for 3 months. These are then used as cars to sell others from. The RS3 is a full margin car for Audi UK dealers so they will gross the full margin for each new unit sold. Additionally any demo car is very likely to be sold for near on list too - so again retaining nearly full margin. Also lots of dealers out of the network won't take any allocation as they don't have any order bank for the car in question. Then if they need a car later they can request it from within group or from Audi UK - doesn't mean they'll get it but they can ask.
  12. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    Here you go; RS 3 Sportback - UK quota is 500 units There will be limited production of just 500 RS 3 Sportbacks for the UK from the start of production in 2011 to end of production in 2012. As a result, demand for this fantastic new addition to the Audi range is likely to exceed supply. Here is more information on launch car availability and details of the open for ordering process. Centre showroom/demonstrator orders RS 3 will open for Centre Market Introduction ordering on Wednesday 21 December and close on Tuesday 4 January. A quota of one showroom/demo vehicle per Centre will be available. There will be a maximum of one demonstrator per market area and the remainder must be showroom vehicles. Orders must be SLI order type 05 Demo or 06 Showroom. The specification of these vehicles is free, but if an order has not been placed by the deadline (4 January) then a vehicle will be ordered on your behalf in agreement with your Area Sales Manager. Centres will not be permitted to sell their Market Introduction vehicles to customers until they are three months old. The launch is planned for Summer 2011, further details are to be confirmed. Price and specification guide An electronic price and specification guide will be available to download from Desktop and from on Wednesday 22 December to enable you to specify and order your RS 3 market introduction car. Open for customer orders Limited quota will be available in SLI for customer orders from Thursday 6 January 2011. Cars will be allocated by the RS team as per the usual process. Customers who placed the earliest deposit or interest in the car via will take delivery of the first vehicles. It will not be possible to provide customers with confirmation of build weeks until March 2011 at the earliest. It is crucial that Centres inform customers of this in order to manage their expectations when placing an order. Deliveries of customer RS 3s will begin in Summer 2011. More specific timescales cannot be given at this time. Timings Open for Centre showroom/demo orders 22 December 2010 to 4 January 2011 Limited quota for Centre customer orders Thursday 6 January 2011 Confirmation of build weeks from March 2011 RS 3 premiere at Geneva motor show Calendar week 09 2011 Centre launch and first Customer deliveries Summer 2011 All I'm saying at this point in time there are 500 units scheduled for the UK market but as I've already said this might change, but these are the facts now. Even if this does increase, 500 units for the UK market (considering customer/press/demo/showroom cars) is nothing in reality.
  13. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    {pedant mode "on"} It's actually "Progress Through Technology" {pedant mode "off"}
  14. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    I have the full copy of the Audi desktop launch information here in my office. I can quote one line from that here that is the correct information on the allocations for the RS3; "A quota of one showroom/demo vehicle per Centre will be available. There will be a maximum of one demonstrator per market area and the remainder must be showroom vehicles" Note the use of the word "available", not allocated as you said. The sentence regarding the 500 unit allocation; "There will be limited production of just 500 RS 3 Sportbacks for the UK from the start of production in 2011 to end of production in 2012" But clearly your informed "Audi matey" knows best and this is, his words, "total boll0x" - so in fact what your post does then present (despite your own comment that "I do not engage in posting heresay, gossip or otherwise") is just that...a piece of quoted hearsay to contradict what Audi UK have put into writing at this point in time to all their franchise holders....
  15. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    Oh I totally agree that Autopoo are hardly the last bastion of honesty in such things!