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  1. o boy am I in a load of cr*p

    A late reply to your late update :D Always good to hear how these things turned out. Nothing worse than reading through an old thread and never knowing how things worked out. Kudos for coming back and updating the thread!
  2. Privacy Glass confusion

    The Q7s I've seen at Audi dealers have the same spec interior as mine, and the front door glass was definatley darker then mine. I do prefer the lighter tint that you have Cockney Boy, but my factory tints on the rear doors is very dark and the contrast between front and rear gives the 'van-look'. I have it booked in on Friday to have the fronts done, and will go for the lightest shade available I think. Thanks for the info.
  3. I've seen lots of Q7s at Audi dealerships with the front driver and passenger windows tinted, although to a lesser degree than the rear glass. I thought this was illegal? I do prefer this look as it makes the car look less van-like, but the Q7 I bought only has the privacy glass to the rear doors and tailgate. My question is, can I get my front drivers and passenger door glass tinted to the same spec of the ones I have seen at Audi dealers? If so, what level of tint should I be asking for so as not to go too dark and attract unwanted attention from the fuzz? Thanks!
  4. Just bought a Q7

    Good luck with the dealer! The car was registered September 2007. I got the Bluetooth working by pairing the phone as soon as I put the key in the ignition, which is apparently the way to do it. I didn't see that in the MMI manual anywhere. The was hoping the phone cradle in the arm-rest is for a generic privacy handset that is an option. I've seen a Q7 with this privacy handset installed in the same place. Craig, I may need to book mine in with you to have the TV restriction removed. Is there anything that'll allow my to play media/movie files from a USB memory stick through the front screen (without using FM tranmitters for sound)?
  5. Just bought a Q7

    Craig, if it was me I'd contact the selling dealer. If it says Bose on the grill, you expect Bose behind it. It's a kind of false advertising in my eyes. Even if they didn't advertise it with Bose, they should not be selling cars that are made to look higher spec'd than they are. I picked mine up on Friday - Graphite Grey, Panoramic roof, TV, Bose, Xenon's, 21" wheels, Arch trims, Bluetooth. Anybody know how to get the bluetooth on the car in Discoverable' mode? Also, there is a phone cradle in the arm rest, but have no idea what phone will fit it. Best to take it to a dealer?
  6. Just bought a Q7

    I think I'm going to wait for the right spec. I found a car with all the spec I wanted but it was a little rough around the edges. Now I have a found a car that looks like it's been cared for, but without the toys. I will wait, and I agree, the Bose does is a addition from the standard speaker set-up.
  7. Just bought a Q7

    I've been to see an 07 plate 3.0tdi s line today too. Panoramic sunroof, bluetooth, adaptive xenons, but no Bose sound upgrade or TV. Not sure whether to wait for one with the 'right spec' to turn up :confused: It'd be interesting to hear how your upgrade goes.
  8. TV retrofit

    Thanks for the info craigy, just looked at your website - do you offer either of these options? If so, can you please post here or send me a message with the price? Thanks!
  9. TV retrofit

    I have been to see a 2007 Audi Q7 today that has MMI High (colour sat nav) and the 'Audi Music Interface' (ipod connection) built into the centre console. What are my options if I want to have digital TV fitted to use the factory fitted display/screen? Thanks!
  10. Some modifications

    That's great, thanks for the info. Are the arch trims the little non-glossy lips around the arches in your pictures?
  11. Some modifications

    Gangle, that looks really nice! I'm looking to buy a Q7 and one of the first things I was going to do was to change the wheels. I've read somewhere that to fit the 21" Audi wheels you must have the wheel arch extentions fitted. Is this true? Thanks!