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  1. A4/B7 Cruise Control and Driver Information System

    Yes - it was a welcome opportunity to take the car for a drive, have the retrofits done and to catch up with a friend in Sheffield. A very pleasant Saturday all considered.
  2. Not realizing that they weren't standard kit on the 55 reg A4/B7 S-line I had just taken delivery of, the TyreSmoke forums were very helpful in identifying cruise control and DIS retrofit solutions. I had an excellent e-mail exchange with Ben at Shark Performance in Mansfield who not only sourced and supplied the necessary parts, but fitted and configured them in a surprisingly quick and smooth operation (while I watched) this past Saturday morning. All for a very decent price (a LOT less than a colleague had paid the local Audi dealership for a similar retrofit), a welcome coffee and some good, knowledgeable Audi related chat too. Thanks Ben! A very happy customer! I'll be back for that iPod interface install soon. Find the contact details here: Shark Performance ADRIAN -- Cambridge UK Audi A4/B7 S-Line (now with DIS and Cruise Control)