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  1. Kerbed alloys

    Apologies to everyone - just noticed I've posted this here !!! - having a bad couple of days !
  2. I know it's been discussed before but I can't seem to find - after 17 months careful ownership within the space of 2 days I've managed to kerb 2 alloys (only slightly but bloody annoying all the same). Can anyone recommend from experience who to contact to refurbish & approx cost ? Thanks Nige
  3. Kerbed alloys

  4. Your opinions please....

    Magic Monkey - not sure if you'd be interested or not but due to a business opportunity I've reluctantly decided to sell my R32. Reflex Silver - Nov 2003 - less than 6000 mls - standard car (Monte Carlo trim) - 1st service completed @ 5000 mls/1 yr, Headlamp protectors,VW rubber mats (cloth ones never used), key ring & umbrella. If you're interested just let me know. Rgds Nige
  5. A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line

    Thks guys - although integrated Sat Nav looks smart I would agree that the Tom Tom would be wise choice as its portable. Just have to think about purchase & how I can delete certain options from my list as price of 'my spec ' comes in around 31k !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line

    With regard to these 'expensive extras' how good or worth it is the Sat Nav ? - or should I just get the Tom Tom instead and save money ? So many extras listed - which would be the 'must-haves' ?
  7. A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line

    Yes, seat centre inserts were alcantara, looked & felt very nice - can't remember all the extras but I know price on window was approx £ 29900.00 !!
  8. Thinking of replacing the Volvo estate and saw one of these in the local dealers today - Black,Alcantara/leather trim and the S-line spec, looked great !! Anyone comments appreciated - really like the spec but couldn't believe how much the extras add up to ! - would the TDI versions be a better allrounder ? Thanks
  9. My R32 Possible SALE

    [ QUOTE ] Surely not? The champion of the R32 cause, jumping ship, you know it makes sense Riz [/ QUOTE ] Riz selling the R32 ?!!! - I don't believe it - it's all a vicious rumour started by............ Riz ?????? - wake me up, tell me I'm just dreaming ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Spare wheel & tyre

    [ QUOTE ] £93.83 through dealer. Total £163 seem a lot but only slightly more than people are paying in the US. I shall probably never use it but it does help hold up the boot floor when Charley (Golden retriever)is sitting in the back. [/ QUOTE ] You've allowed the retriever in the R32 !! I've put a ban on our labrador going in the R32 (she has to make do in the collapsible cage in the back of the Volvo - inclined to chew whatevers in sight !!)- how does wheel sit ?
  11. Spare wheel & tyre

    [ QUOTE ] £69.33! I picked it up but I am sure they would deliver. A lot for a skinny tyre but at least I can now fix a flat, chances with a tub of goo in rain at night on hard shoulder=0. [/ QUOTE ] How much did VW charge for the wheel & did they supply direct or via yr dealer ? - must admit messing about trying to use the sealant on a wet night in January doesn't appeal also !
  12. Spare wheel & tyre

    Can I ask how much and did they deliver ?
  13. I'm hearing these type of complaints about VW dealers more & more - how do they get any business ? Must say that 'my' dealer has been very good - rang me to ask if I wanted a test drive within a couple of days of them getting the new GTI - took one out to drive as far as I liked ! - F.Cross,S****horpe,Lincs.
  14. New Motor

    I'm still not convinced on the looks of the A3 - how important is the BOSE/sound quality for you ? - VW's is not great. Overall I'd go for the Golf - March delivery & weather should be getting better to show off your brand spanking new Black GTI.
  15. R32 v Mk 5 GTI

    You're right MAtt, sorry to hear about yr troubles - I'm always worried where I park (not in the same league as yr problems but I'd only had mine 2 days and some yobs had thrown eggs all over it whilst in a car park)