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  1. Speed awareness course

    I trialled this when we brought it in, and like you I thought it was very good. The whole point is to get you thinking about what you're doing. Don't think the council has anything to do with it though. Certainly here the courses and invitations are decided upon by the police. The company that do it, also do the courses for a number of other forces.
  2. When did YOU last 'just go for a drive'?!

    Every day at work, brill when the weathers good
  3. Car Thief - North London!

    Excellent, here's hoping he runs and they have to send the hairy land shark after him.
  4. Jag XF

    Sadly I didn't get a drive of the car, but according to the boss, it's veeerrryy nice, and quick. I did get a test in the Skoda VRS though......stunning handling, bit noisy though. And yup, if I could afford it, it would be my choice of car. Performance car wise I've only driven the Volvo T5, T6, Skoda Superb 3.6ltr V6, Range Rover Sport and the Skoda VRS. They're all different, the T5 needs treating with respect. As my advanced driving instructor told us, you can do things in a T6, try it in a T5 and you'll come off the road, torque steering is the big thing you notice between them. I tend to spend the majority of my time in a T6 these days, but I do enjoy the T5 just to keep my hand in with manual clutch and less driver help from the DSTC. T6 is good, it'll keep up with most things, for those it can't we have the MD902. My favourite is the Skoda Superb, stunning handling and power. Nice interior, with lots of space.
  5. Car Thief - North London!

    I'm going to ask the obvious. Do the police have a copy of these photo's ? I'll bet you my next doughnut hes a known car thief/ burglar.
  6. Jag XF

    Before anyone comments, these are from google pics, I can post the pic from my blackberry of the same car, just in case anyone thinks I'm talking b0ll0x.
  7. Jag XF

    We had this one at work a while back.......... Very nice !
  8. CPU frequently running at 100%

    This is the company I use for bits, you'll find you're money will stretch much further doing it yourself. Computer Supplies and PC Components from Novatech I think the only original thing on my PC World puter is the plug and case !
  9. CPU frequently running at 100%

    Have you considered building yourself a new PC? It's really not that hard to do. PC's are modular, I've upgraded my PC's over the years with new motherboards, processors, memory, power supplies and graphics cards. Theres a ton of websites that will talk you through it.
  10. A4 Avant Vibration at speed

    What road were you on ?
  11. A must have for BMW owners

    Come on , this is a serious thread
  12. A must have for BMW owners

    Apologies if this has been posted before BMW UK : News
  13. Better Pics

    Don't think I could afford one of the tyres, let alone the car.....very nice tho+++
  14. Pressed Metal Number Plates

    How fast were you going ?
  15. Pressed Metal Number Plates

    Sorry guv, I'm new here.... Nothing to see folks, move along..........