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  1. A6 virgin

    Hi all, thinking of chopping the old BMW E39 in for an A6 (2002 or thereabouts). Any hints & tips on what I should look for / avoid? Obvious stuff like service history, timing belt, etc are not a worry, but I've not owned an Audi before (though I have had VW's) so any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. A6 virgin

    decided to go for another e39, picked up a very nice 530i M Sport which I am very pleased with. Thanks anyway
  3. A6 virgin

    Thanks for the pointers, I'll probably only get up to about 2002 as I'm not spending too much, also, I'll be sticking to petrol (budget again).
  4. E39 Instrument Cluster

    Hi all, the intrument cluster on my 1998 E39 has developed a problem whereby the trip counter, odometre, temperature, MPG, etc part of the display shows at best a hieroglyphics, at worse nothing other than a faint glow. As the car warms the display become more hieroglyphic. My question is, if I get a new cluster from ebay (or similar) will it display the milage from the original vehicle or the 117K that my Beemer has covered? I've heard that there are sensors, etc around the vehicle to stop clocking, but don't if this is true. Thanks in advance
  5. E39 Instrument Cluster

    got onto ebay & bought a replacement for £30 plus delivery - all is now good
  6. Wireless repeater for Sony TV

    this looks like a neat option - i may well try this NETGEAR WN2000RPT Universal WiFi Range Extender - Wireless network extender - 802.11b/g/n: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
  7. Hi, I have a Sony Bravia TV & Sony Blu-Ray which are Internet enabled & I'd like to connect them to the WWW. Sony sell a dongle (£60+) which will do this but I'm reluctant to splash the cash as this seems expensive to me. Has anyone used a wireless repeater/extender to connect their TV, etc to thier home wifi & if so any suggestions on the best product to use? My plan is to connect both devices to a repeater (wired) & have it connect to my wifi (wirelessly) & out to the WWW. Thanks
  8. Cylinder Head

    Hi, I need a cylinder head for my Passat (2000 w reg) 115PD Sport Can anyone recommend a supplier of recon parts in North / West Yorkshire?
  9. Wireless repeater for Sony TV

    Thanks - looks like the netgear box could be worth a punt. The TV / BluRay both have USB & both only work with Sony dongles!
  10. Wireless repeater for Sony TV

    I'd like to avoid trailing cables from the living room, upstairs to the router. Wireless is my only real option
  11. hi, anyone know of a reasonable all in one home cinema system with built in blu-ray player that has additional hdmi inputs? i want to link my ps3 & humax pvr (by hdmi & optical) to a home cinema system & out to my tv but would like to have a built in blu ray player as the boss & the youngest aren't too confident with the ps3. anyone know of such a beast? I am struggling to get an av amp in the space i have available & would still need to get a seperate blu-ray player too ('cos of the ps3 & the boss & the youngest). thanks
  12. Home Cinema

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my aging Panasonic all in one DVD home Cinema with something newer. I need connectivity for my Humax (PVR 9200) & PS3 (both via optical) & am a bit baffled by the choices. I've looked at the Yamaha amps & speakers but to be honest I'm struggling to see the wood for the trees. Can anyone offer any suggestion on what I should be looking at?
  13. Home Cinema

    thanks for the responses. With regards to bugets, I was thinking of less than £300 for the amp & then shopping around for speaks to match.
  14. Down on power

    I have a 2000 VW Passat (W Reg 1.9 TDI PD 115 Sport) which has covered 125000 miles & is getting to be a bit sluggish. I notice the lack of power when driving up hill, on the flat she is OK. There seems to be a distinct lack of grunt when I hit an incline. If I put my foot down on the motorway the response is adequate, pulling away from a standing start is slow but I can live with it, but it is the hills that kill performance. Any suggestion on the best way forwards to get some performance back or is it not worth bothering with a car of this age & mileage?
  15. Down on power

    WOW what a difference, it's like having a new car. The car now accelerates & maintains speed with no effort.
  16. Down on power

    Air Flow Meter getting fitted today - hopefully get some power back.
  17. Down on power

    Still no change, I'm going to arrange for the air mass sensor thing to be replaced to see if that gives me back some umph
  18. Down on power

    Thanks for the pointer. I used to use Millers Oil Diesel Plus but haven't used any for the last couple of years; I might as well give one of them a go to see how I get on. I'll update the thread in a couple of weeks once the additive has worked its way through the fuel system.
  19. Passat floor mats

    I've not used them but these guys stock mats - PASSAT CAR MATS
  20. 993 or 996

    Hi, I will soon be in the nice position of looking for my first 911. I have driven a number of derivatives both on road & track but would like some views on the best model to go for. The car will be a daily driver so needs to be something that can be used in all conditions. My heart says 993, my head keeps saying 996 - any views or experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Intermittent Staring Problems

    thanks for the pointers - I'll do some checking
  22. Intermittent Staring Problems

    The wife’s Passat (2000 TDI PD 115 Sport) has developed a strange starting problem. Occasionally you turn the key & nothing happens – the dashboard lights up, glow plug indicator goes out, etc, etc. This can happen once, twice, etc, etc. Removing the key & trying again sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Removing the key & reopening the doors (from key button) seems to do the trick. Any ideas?
  23. 993 or 996

    Thanks for the pointer on the warranty, spend wise I was hoping for low to mid £20's, but I can afford more if the right car comes along - as I say, I'm just starting to look. I keep an eye on the Porsche web site as well as a number of independent dealers.
  24. 993 or 996

    thanks for the pointers
  25. tyre recommendations?

    take a look at blackcircles.com (www.blackcircles.com) - they offer good value & lots of choice. Just put some Dunlop's on the bosses Passat & she very happy with them