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  1. mrk 2 golf gti problems

    its a little dirty, i didnt think my golf had a carb ? but more to the point, where do i put the carb cleaner ? im not to switched on about motors. Oh and, what do you think about the possibility of a faulty lift pump ?
  2. mrk 2 golf gti problems

    yeah i think so, but i will check again, i've had a couple of friends that 'know about cars' looking at it.
  3. mrk 2 golf gti problems

    hi, thanks for your response, its the same as using the peddle, it just idles really badly, its kind of like when the engine is damp in the morning after a terrible rain storm and wont fire on all cylinders for a little. ive replaced all the vacum hoses to, im really stuck !
  4. mrk 2 golf gti problems

    Hi, I have a J reg golf mrk2 8 valve, i can get it to start and she idles at the usual revs but wont rev up unless left running with the throttle open for a good 10 or 15 mins, then as soon as you let off the throttle it dies back to idle revs again and no response from the throttle. Oh and this happened over night, it rained extremely heavily, then i used a little wd 40 which always used to do the trick ! Ive changed the plugs, distro cap, rotor arm, fuel filter, air filter but no change. please help !!!! cheers Dan