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  1. Golf..Clutch problem!

    did you align your clutch to your flywheel? hows your trans, was it abused?
  2. Help with golf mk3 vr6

    ive only had 2 cars with a problem similar to this, and it wasnt good news to me, so im sorry, but i think the worst case senerio is warped heads or blown head gasket, could be cause by over heating, so hows your coolant levels? check your oil level, and see if the oil has gone to a milky white color or if your coolant has change color as well, if it has, you need to get the heads serviced or a new headgasket, you can have your heads pressure tested to see if the are warped, but you have to pull it off to do so, if it happend because of over heating, find out the cause of over heating issue, could be bad thermostat(easy cheap fix) or water pump, radiator cap, radiator, or your fan....also if you get your car started, check your coolant reservoir for bubbles, if there are bubbles, then you have a cracked block, i hope this helps, and i hope that none of these are your problems, good luck
  3. mk3 golf driving me mad!

    buy a can of MAF sensor cleaner (mass air flow) and try clean your MAF sensor, its located right next to your airfilter, running along the airhose to your throttle body, if its dirty, it could send the wrong information to your ecu, and cause your problems the link below is a picture of your MAF sensor, completely remove it from your car, and then use the cleaner on it, allow it to dry, re-secure it to your car, and dry driving it now, and let me know how it works.
  4. sorry i meant 94, i mis-typed
  5. when the car starts up cold (sitting all night) it starts, but the rev bounces from 1,000 to 500, and back up 2 times, if it doesnt go back up it dies out, and start it again, starts up fine....and now i have this acceleration problem where in 3rd gear at around 2300 rpms, it doesnt want to accelerate no matter how far i put the pedal down, so i downshift and the same thing in second, and then after a little while, it will run like a champ, what could be the problem? the car has been pretty well kept, it has all the service done by a vw dealership ever since it was first purchased, and now that i have it its causing problems, the car has sat for a little while before i got it from my friend, i havent finished paying it off from them either, i would like to keep the car, but if its gonna give me 2 many problems i should get rid of it, so can some one help me figure this out?