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  1. Post a pic of your car

    Yeah everything I need an estate which I need and nice looking not the usual square box,silver one of my favourite colours is a bonus. And being a 2.2 so plenty of power when needed.
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Passat gone my new car.
  3. Hi I have a set of VW Passat (ET37) refurbed wheels in charcol never been used since refurb for sale.Also a pair of Altea roof bars for a Passat saloon B5.5 2005. Wheels £150.00 Roof bars £75.00 If interested PM me for contact details. Rick
  4. HR Advice on awkward employee

    I don't work in H R but in the railway industry you can ask for unpaid leave but as others more knowledgeable have said,you are not guaranteed to get it. All depends if they can afford people wise to let you have it. So there must be some employment law saying this for employers. Rick
  5. It's nearly winter

    I know what you mean about prepairing the car for winter,last year I thought during september I would give the car a good clean polish and wax ready for the winter. But did I get it done no when I had the time I didn't have the weather and vice versa,so last year the last wax it had was in July and that had to last until late March this year.All it had in between was a few washes. Rick
  6. VED exemption petition

    Ok thats fair enough I see the point you were making now. Rick
  7. VED exemption petition

    We just had a day trip to Newton Aycliffe today to see a relative,trip was from Swadlincote to Newton Aycliffe the route I took was except a little on B roads was as follows :- A42,M1,A1,A1M then same route back. On a trip like this my wife and son count caravans and main supermarket lorries they see as a game to pass time and a few other games,today we encountered 113 caravans and got held up by not one of them,got held up by the lorries on numerous occasions. Also on the M1 coming home there was a mandatory 40mph speed restriction imposed due to queueing traffic ahead which everyone was obeying except for one P___k in a Vauxhall Vectre unfortunately didn't take his registration,who thought it was ok to undertake everyone else and keep jumping in and out of the with no care or thought for anyone elses safety. Also on the fuel consumption part quite impressed,I kept the revs between 2000-2400 which produced a mpg reading ranging from 55.4 mpg-57.7mpg. Just thought I'd pass this on. Rick
  8. When was the last time you nearly died?

    I nearly died when I opened last winter's gas and electric bill's, but that's another story.
  9. VED exemption petition

    Sort of comments I expected from small minded people,never mind.
  10. VED exemption petition

    Typical typecasting, sorry but there's nothing wrong with caravans been towed on the roads,if towed correctly. Firstly if I saw a Audi been driven dangerously by a **** does that mean all Audi drivers are ****'s and secondly what about the lorries on the A1 they hold you up more especially if trying to overtake another lorry. Rick
  11. A few years ago I had a 2001 Ford Mondeo that had rust come through on all 4 door's, these were resprayed under warranty. A year later the rust came through again, this time all four door's were replaced under fords warranty (12 Year) with no hassle at all. And it didn't have quite a full ford service history either. Rick
  12. Door Dinks Recommendations

    Hi Having not used any of these type of companies before ( Chips Away, etc ) I have a couple of door dinks I would like to be pulled out,luckily the paint not broken. Any one had experience of these type of companies,that could be recommended would be appreciated. Many Thanks Rick
  13. Window Tinting ?

    I am going to ring them later for more info, they are about 1 hour from me, so if I like what they say may go and get some. Not that dear if I don't Like them.
  14. Window Tinting ?

    Hi I am considering having the windows in the back half of the car tinted,but not 100% sure yet. One of the drop lights has a few scratches in the corner which I believe could stand out,also not sure it would suit my car colour. Pic just to give an idea of it's colour "Stonehenge Grey" according to VW,all opinions welcome. Rick