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  1. Someone out there must have lowered there Mk1V R32 and have a set of springs kicking around or know someone who has a set. PM me asap cash waiting.
  2. MKIV running cost totted up !

    I`ve had my R32 from new and have just added up all the running costs for the last 7 years :- Fuel - 2100 Gallons = £ alot Servicing - x 5 no = £1150.00 Tyres - 7 no = £1100.00 Brakes - 2 fluid changes = £80.00 Body - 1 boot scratch = £275.00 Road Tax - 7 x 200-245 = £1575.00 Insurance - 7 x 230-255 = £1680.00 Pretty cheep running cost for alot of smiles.
  3. New Transporter

    Just had a replacement T32 Priced up ???? how can VW justify a 5K increase in 3 years for exactly the same vechile. GITS .x.
  4. Im well n truely fecked ! Had to have a tyre fitted today, the last one was over six years ago, the cars been kept locked in the garage for 90% of its life so as to reduce any corrosion... think again ! Problem apeared as soon as the fitter tried to remove the wheel, The Bolts were all siezed, It took 2 fitters + sledge hammer to release the feckin Bolts, I thought things were gona get realy got deep when he tried to remove the locking Bolt, thankfully I put some copper grease on it all those years ago, it came away eventually after a fight. All bolts were refitted lagged with copper grease to enable ease of fitment next time. BUT I had the bright idea of getting to get the fitter to release the other Locking bolts whilst he had the Air gun to hand, the next two came away with a small fight but the last one started to move but then Sheared off the bloody Locking bolt Socket...OOOOps. P.S. has anyone got a spare " EVO Trilock " adaptor kicking around, coz the cars grounded till I find one to get the last bloody bolt out to service the rest of the bolts.
  5. Cataclean

    Um I was going to dump a bottle of this stuff in the Tank of my R32 to help a blocked Lambda senor ? VW cleared the emisions fault light on the last service, but bear in mind the light has been on for 2 years, since then the Golf gets thrashed the feck out of so would I be wasting £15 ?????
  6. It has been a long wait, but....

    <-----NOT JELOUS @ ALL..........well maybe just alot
  7. New Transporter

    Looks like you went for the " caravelle headlight addition " I wish I opted for that.
  8. Just seen Duisberg's new van!

    Maybe that chicks nipples are the indicators ? Now that would be realy trick..........
  9. Did I caused a chav+mobile to crash !

    LOL this guy is a Feckin knob, saw him again yesterday commin towards me off of the lights and yeap on the mobile again & we did lock eye contact and I think he did get the message I gave him. This chav is gona wipe some innocent person out in a min, so Ive passed details onto plod. Just have to wait and see now.
  10. Did I caused a chav+mobile to crash !

    Some little prricks just dont`t learn saw him again this afternoon comming towards me front nearside light missing + bumper trashed......Oh and guess what......... yeap on the mobile again, he did notice me and I did notice the BIRD trying to be deployed............ WOT A TAWT !!! no wonder they pay 2k on insurance.
  11. 18-20 stone Fatty flyin !

    Didn`t think the Sun shone up there in Scotland or is it that all the chicks suffer from " snow burn "
  12. Was it my fault ? Pulling into a left hand junction and there was a loonatic risk taking chav in a Saxo on a mobile, I gave the tawt a stare + toot, he wheelspinned out of the junction behind me and ended up going into a wall doing about 15-20mph, no one else involved or injured just his pride damaged, amazingly he jumped out and was still holding + talking on the mobile. Was it my fault or was it his wreckless careless approch and lack of concentration due to the mobile, take into account earlier in the day the same chav car and driver again whilst on the mobile nearly took the front off my BIG van on a roundabout driving as if no one else was around. Last year I was knocked off my push bike by someone using a mobile whist driving, the driver was never found dispite a search of the area immediatly after it happened. So now everytime I see someone on the mobile I give them a stare + honk, the sooner a ban is impossed on mobile whilst driving use in my opinion the better.
  13. 18-20 stone Fatty flyin !

    In my home town there are afew " persons " of unique status of whom you cannot help but notice, we have your Bus stop weirdows who just seem to stand at bus stops with there back packs on all day. Your military freaks who think were going to war and dress night + day as if we were. Community service street cleaners trying not to be noticed with there floro jackets. Beggers who beg for change then get in there BMW around the corner ! Yeap true. Oh and your obese ones who walk around in shell suits with puple veined guts exposed hanging down to there knees. Oh and nearly forgot about your walking lobster shoulderd tarts who think we dont have damaging sun ! Skin cancer doesnt seem to both the teenagers these days, they think there imune. Im sure this is just a fine example of your average town, if yours is any different please add your comments
  14. Death of a TURBO !

    Its official POWER HAS GONE ! went for a spin in my freinds standard 130 then both got back into mine what a let down, like I said as soon as a day is available it will be in and by all accounts takes a few days aswell. This is complicated because my licence still hasnt come back from DVLA combined with my R having no tax not that that matters being burried at the back of the garage somewhere, so unless I stack myself up with admin for a week or make Daves door im fecked !
  15. 18-20 stone Fatty flyin !

    Spotted the same Woman again ! disgracefully woofing down a large Pasty at 9 am she also had a bag of cakes ! the seagulls were keeping a " C L O S E E Y E " on her every movement ! probably hopeing for another slip on the beer & puke soaked pavement.