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  1. Well I took these off my a8 today to sell on.... Size 9j et46 At present I have 275 35 20 on two of the wheels and 255 35 20 on the other two. I also have a spare pair of 275 35 20 tyres to go with the wheels. All of the 275 35 20s have about 6 mm tread and are virtually brand new...I think they are Acer Phi... The 255 35 20s have about 3mm and so will need changing at some point. I also have a set of centre caps, which I brought brand new from tps about 6 weeks ago. I m looking for a 1000 pound for the lot...but am open to offers as I need these gone.... Contact me on 07525747277 if interested Ranj
  2. Cannot access RNS-E And bluetooth Module via Vagcom

    Check your k-line connection to the rns e....the wire in the adapter..
  3. rns c for sale

    Hi I have this to sell on and am open to offers...so if anyone is interested let me know Thanks Ranj 07525747277
  4. A8 Won't Start

    Personally if I was you I would give Ben at AVP a call, and ask his advice.....He is based in Burton on Trent which is a distance from yourself....but he is a really good audi specialist...and I m sure he ll be able to solve your problem quicker than anyone else....good luck His number is 01283548483
  5. fitting rear blinds to a8

    Hi Could do with some help in finding out where to connect for the power and switched power please. I not sure how to connect into the driver side fuse box...some explanation on this part of the process would be appreciated....thanks