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  1. Mini Engine problem

    Hello first and foremost, going by the name you might be able to guess I own a mitsubishi Evolution. by my problem lies with a bloody mini (partners) 2002 cooper s I was driving home from football in the mini and I could hear a draging noise so trying to establish what was up with it I realised it was only when the engine was under load accelerator pressed. After a while I heard a big thump then a plume of smoke from the exhaust I got it home as this happened just arround then I corner then started to investigate cylinders 1 & 2 not fireing when i pulled the plugs out the plug in 2 has been hit by something. i have worked/played around with Evos for years so theres me thinking lets get it striped down and have a look so thats what i started to do but the mini having a pain in the arse engine today i've given up got alot strpipped off charger cooler whole front end the charger cooler was full of oil so to me i think the charger has let go and sent bits into 1&2 any thoughts also anyone know any specialists in kent as i've had enough regards Kieran