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  1. I have a 2007 model RS4 with 120 000 km on the clock. Last weekend while driving saw a lot of white smoke with no other warning signs or anything else suggesting a problem...I had the car towed to Audi dealership and after two days of trouble shooting the root cause seems to be that one of the teeth from the pressure plate broke off (failure method unknown at the moment) and this caused an impact hole to the gearbox leading to loss of gearbox oil. This came as quite a shock since the car is usually used for family-town driving with the odd spirited drive on a not too frequent basis. Has anyone experienced something similar or have any thought on the root cause? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Paul
  2. Replaced front shocks and upper link bushes, now what?

    It is a B7 2007 model. Can only the dealer check the pressure?
  3. My RS4 went in recently to have the front shocks replaced at 60 000 km. At the same time the dealer noticed quite some wear on the front upper link bushes and had to order the parts. A couple of weeks later the car the car went in to have the upper link bushes replaced. I did notice the guys really struggle to pressure up the shocks fully but after several attempts they claim to have done so sufficiently. Now since the work was done I hear a strange metal-on-metal "clunk" noise when I drive over bumps in the road, which is particularly noticeable when it is cold outside (early morning). Do anyone have any suggestions how and what I should check to confirm they have done a proper job?
  4. RS4 'what no spare'

    Thanks Dave, I already ordered and test fitted the wheel disc (1K0 601 027B 03C). It does not fit over the front calipher but does cover the rear. I will therefore make use of your suggestion to swop the rear with fronts if the need arises... In deciding on the tyre I got the following information on different ride heights (wheel diameter) for different wheel dimensions, incl tyre compression when fitted: 255 35 19 - 661,10 mm 125 70 18 - 632,20 mm 145 80 18 - 689,20 mm (All Continentals - BTW the ideal size would be 145 70 18 - 660,20 mm.) This is either a positive or negative diameter delta of approx 28 mm which is a 4% difference (632/661=0.96 0r 689/661=1.04). Do you agree with this calc/reasoning? By the way I agree with your sentiment, being stranded at night with wife and two kids does not sit well with me. Mpumalanga province in South Africa has a lot of potholes! Kind regards Paul
  5. RS4 'what no spare'

    Hi Dave, I have a similar post on the South Africa Audi Club Forum and to close that one out posted your recommendation. One of the guys came back with the following: "In my opinion you should never put one size smaller rim on the RS4 reason for this is because of the DRC, this could get messed up trying to adjust the lower pressure on the one side... DRC costs around R30000.00 to fix! And can easily be damaged but thats just my opinion I wouldnt take the chance..." What's your opinion? Thanks for the help.
  6. RS4 'what no spare'

    Hi Dave, I also found another post by you in 2009 at "" post were you said: "Never used as a spare - it won't fit my RS4! What specific problem did you experience in not being able to fit the spare wheel?