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  1. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    spoke to an audi specialist today.. he said it could be a host of things, but is 95% it will be turbo problems, as im going to upgrade the turbo anyway i might aswel wait till i have the doh and get the hybrid lump in it. i was going to do the clutch and turbo recently but a new gearbox killed my plans. i havent changed the maf sensor or anything as the guy said if u get the new turbo in couple of months it will all need to adjust again so no point wasting the money.
  2. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    :S im getting mixed views, some say its a turbo on way out.. others say MAF and more say leak, it hasent stopped since i got the fault code changed.. when at 3k revs in second it blips the power kind of cuts off for a second.. does that help?
  3. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    isit somthing i need doing asap.. over boosting is that defo the maf sensor u recon? i can get it changed in 15mins at the garage. ###£100 all in sound right
  4. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    right had it vagcom'd ...... came up with OVER BOOSTING.. thats the only code it threw up, he deleted it then drove it for 5mins and tested it again and it didnt come back up. does this sound right?
  5. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    ive read about the MAF, would u get it hooked up and see the fault codes?
  6. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    hey guys had my car back couple days now after getting a new gearbox! driving 100mph for about an hour or so, then after getting off at an exit i excelerate to re-join a motorway and at about 90mph the car wont go faster.. i put my foot down and it stays at the same speed, i changed down gears and the car slows down but wont gain speed. i then pulled over and turned it off and drove around smaller roads fr couple mins and the problem stopped, what could this be?? ALSO another problem which has only happened 2twice in the space of 5mins one day was i lost total power whilst driving in low revs, once when turning the car round and second when going uphill back home, the whole car died no power or dash lights. There is no warning lights up or anything. regards
  7. hi guys, had my car couple days now and got it remapped today. massssive difference in responce and pull through all gears... ive never had a diesel before so not used to the engines, one thing ive noted dont no if its common but... when i pull off in first gear it doesent seem to pull until i hit 2nd gear then BAMM im away, is this common on these engines? my mum has the same engine on a golf gt tdi and she says its fairly the same, slow in first gear.
  8. bmw key fob??

    any way of getting a new key or battery without going to bmw?? £100???! the battery has gone i noticed it dying the other day as i had to click it couple of times to unlock the car. i can use the key to unlock and get inside of it but not unlock it. its the diamond shape bmw key fob cheers guys
  9. Key Fob Stopped Working

    hi guys i noticed my fob started to die the other day when it took a couple of press's to open the car, now its died... whats the best route from here, dealer £100 or can i get a key and get it programme at bmw for cheaper? thanks
  10. yummy lambo replica

    not sure on the air vent but who cares, if it was cheaper i would consider it. how can u say u dont find that car sexy?! id trade my mrs in for that.. and if it was real her sister with her
  11. yummy lambo replica

  12. Leaking radiator fix??

    i had a leak once too, i used 4 chicken nuggets and its never leaked since.. sorry had to add that lol
  13. hehe vert-conVERTible and ye footballers love cars that are different, abit out there.. my friend gt a lambo lp for his 18th birthday as a present to himself, can u see why im kicking myself so much.. ino still im a better player then him, i just dont train everyday for 3hours anymore like i used to. football is an amazing sport, but there are alot of players that shouldnt be playing at that level, and 90% of it is luck and opinions.
  14. ye i was there when he was, he was an aragent fook.. moody as hell, ye he did love a set of spinners, i remmeber an escilade with 26" spinners at one point. lol footballers ehh :D one thing to note though, there is alot of stuff that goes on in football that nobody hears about.
  15. no offence taken mate, everything i have and have done ive worked hard for.. im not from a well off background so even being at uni is good for me, i got offered a 3year contract at pompey and turned it down to go to villa. never no if i do well abroad i could be back over here and url be saying "i used to seak to that nob on tyresmoke" lol