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  1. Audi s3 steering rack

    Hi just wondering will a steering rack from a audi s3 dsg fit in to a manual Audi s3.... Can any one answer this question ... Cheers
  2. Although no faults were showing up on the computer. I disconnected the air flow mass meter and car seemed to be much more responsive. So I yesterday changed the air flow mass meter and car is driving perfect how it should be. Many thanks to all people in this thread who helped me out with various info cheers lads:roflmao:
  3. Nice one mate I'll give them a ring.
  4. Lol that is no strange text thing... The engine code starts with them three letters BNZ and then some numbers I hope this helps any info would be much appreciated
  5. Engine is bnz one. I av ad a smoke test done today and it's come back no leaks. I av changed the diviter valve what comes in at front ov engine and goes in to vacuum pipe.changed spark plies and air filter. There is one more diviter valve to Change that's located near turbo and manifold.
  6. Can any one on tyresmoke help me out here or as any one any idea to what is causing this pls reply
  7. No I ad the same one before to it was also a 57 plate 2.0 tsfi so I know that this one don't seem right. And I also drove my mates a week back and that feels alot more quicker.
  8. 2.0 tsfi turbo. 265ps well that's what it should be pushing out but it don't feel like it.don't know engine code but wen plugged in to computer no faults every things ok . It's a 6 speed manual gear box. I hope this helps my friend and I hope u can help
  9. Hi peeps.. Wonder if anyone can help I recently brought Audi s3 57 plate and av noticed that there is no ump in the first two gears wen setting off. I av had one ov these before and remember feeling the torque but not in this one. I'm rather gutted can any one help. The car shows no faults and drives like a dream part frm the problem I av just mentioned can any one help me... Cheers
  10. Edition 30 plaque

    Got my plaque today 
  11. I don't know the fault code mate. But I could easy get it from vw. I'm still thinking it could be the one ov the coils. I've not really got round to check em as ov yet. The car as done 48000. The compression test is a good idea. And nice one to u for trying to help me out it's really appreciated  ps it's a manual cheers again mate
  12. Hyia mate. No fault codes are coming up snd I'm using shell v power in my car. The car drives perfect part form wen it's left started on tick over. Vw av replaced the thrust sensor but that was due to engine management light coming on on the dash. But saying that I thought they might av come across this problem to as it was there before the sensor went they did a full diagnostic and wiring check and the only thing they found was the sensor. It could be either one ov the other things u mentioned but it ant showing up on computer. I've been told by my mate to let it get worste then computer will pick it up. But to tell u the truth it's annoyin and I like my cars to be running perfect.
  13. Edition 30 plaque

    Ur totally right. I was reading old threads relatong to plaques and some people were waiting up to a year. I'm just glad I dont av to wait so long. And a big thank u to the people who got this sorted and got on to vw. I honestly don't know why these didn't come with build numbers in first place. And they should do same for the pirelli ones to with them being limited editions. I hope this is sorted for u in due course.
  14. Edition 30 plaque

    Woo I just received a phone call frm vwuk about my plaque for my ed 30. Gotta say quick response as I only phoned em yesterday. They are posting my plaque out today and should be with me in next day or two.
  15. Thanks for the heads up on this . I will give it a go and see if this helps me. Thanks for the advice and I hope this is a easy fix. I will keep u posted on development