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  1. A45 AMG

    Just curious if anyone has any ideas what discounts are available on these? Cheers muchly.
  2. Hmmmmm

    Hi Max, we've been looking at a GTS for a while, the problem is that ours is now 2 years old, 24k miles and very much part of the family and every time we look we are really struggling to chop it in. I'd love a bit more power, but everything else the car does is fantastic. All I'm missing other than power is a tow bar and that can be retro fitted for a jaw dropping price. Mine is a Sapphire blue 2.0t petrol., it still looks good, people still stop and look (not many bright blue barges around I guess) and other than a slight niggle with the sat nav i'd thoroughly recommend one. If you look at the Audi offering, make sure you drive back to back int he same day. the SQ5 is probably a little quicker in a straight line, but once you start driving it around corners the Macan drives like a car, you do feel the weight, but its sat a lot lower than the audi so it deals with it all very well. If I do decide to get rid i'll let you know.
  3. Hmmmmm

    I'm not a fan of the black. The one thing about the white one that annoyed me was the dash was split. They've done a rebuild but left the dash, makes me wonder what else they over looked. Swindon had a couple of nice older 911's as well :D 1 pack of KP salted penuts for the Merc?
  4. Hmmmmm

    Yes that was it - 924 1988 'le mans' edition.
  5. Maserati

    Was in the new Levante earlier today, lovely cabin space, felt quite a bit bigger car than the Macan, looked good in the white, but boot space for a big car felt small (Ours isnt huge, but this felt smaller) - it also feels quite similar tot he Jag F pace - are they same platform? similar price to what we're looking at, but in the back of my mind I have real concerns about Maserati residuals and reliability - but maybe these are unfounded now, any views? Oh and in the same showroom - Matt Black GTO - my son loved it.
  6. Hmmmmm

    Was in Swindon Porsche today to look at a Macan GTS to replace out car with. While there saw this little thing: I love it, think it looks great. What is the thoughts on the 924 though - likely to see much increase in value? I'm quite tempted to buy it for a summer run around.
  7. School trip dilemma

    I'd let mine go - we were due to go and see Arianna Grande on Friday at the O2 and were still going until the concert was cancelled. There is risk, but there is risk everywhere - as many minsters will be in home constituencies you might argue that places outside of London have a greater risk. I fully understand your concern, but I wouldn't consider this to be higher risk than many other activities on Thursday.
  8. 720 Wop

    As no one else has been nice enough to offer. You'll clearly need help keeping all these cars warm all year, so i'm more than happy to give you a hand, put a few miles on them,etc. Just let me know
  9. Post a pic of your car

    Have been considering the kit for the Citroen to turn it into one of these - very tempted.
  10. V6 Macan. What a sound!!!!

    They are nice. The turbo with performance pack is also surprisingly sprightly for a big car.
  11. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    Don't get me started on local authority behaviours......
  12. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    Not had an issues here either and I have 2 more progressing at the moment. Mine are actually structured to pay themselves off in 9 years so I'll have no btl mortgage costs, they are in a nice area and never empty so I can't complain. Some tenants are a bit moany, but nothing that can't be dealt with. I think they are great to provide a little side income.
  13. Fat Boy Slim

    Still up for Grabs, this weekend, don't want to waste them, so any offers?