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  1. Fat Boy Slim

    Still up for Grabs, this weekend, don't want to waste them, so any offers?
  2. Madness at the O2

    Sold. That didn't take long.
  3. Madness at the O2

    403 row D, seats 521/522 i was really looking forward to it but can't get to London in time for it
  4. Madness at the O2

    I have 2 tickets for madness at the O2 this Saturday, again spare due to me being a total spanner. 10th December 1830 I2 London. Anyone interested? Offers including cheeses poofs will be considered so they don't go to waste.
  5. Fat Boy Slim

    I've 2 tickets to Fat Boy Slim on Saturday 17th December at the O2 London. Looking for an offer as I can no longer go due to being an idiot and booking a flight that leaves the UK the same day!!!! I think face value was £80 for the pair, so £50?
  6. MK on Tour! 5th October

    Well I don't normally read in here - good job I did or I'd have been in the wrong venue. Well maybe in the wrong venue, that is if I get time to go
  7. Discuss.............

    Just checked the link out and to be fair some manufacturers probably need it
  8. RS3 - Saloon!

    Funnily enough as much as I like the RS3 I've never wanted one because I'm not much of a hatchback fan, so seeing this has really piqued my interest. It must handle well with a more rigid body as well. Shame the wheel arches don't have the same kind of size as the old RS6 saloon - would have looked pretty awesome then.
  9. expensive numberplates

    With regards to what NNMM said, that red S4 is making me tetchy, stickers, uneven badging, I'm reaching for the hairdryer just looking at it.
  10. Tesla P90D Mental Machine

    Is that the Popes new car?
  11. expensive numberplates

    Range Rover local to me has the plate B2. I'm guessing that wasn't cheap.
  12. The Grand Tour

    I think it would have far more TV interest if they had me trying to present it. 10 minutes trying hard to get into the car 2 minutes before its point the wrong way / upside down / in a ditch 20 minutes watching the spectacle of me trying to get out of the car which given I struggled in a 911 bucket, I hate to think what some of these others are like.
  13. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    I don't think NNMM is even being half way honest about this shower. All in my own opinion of course and does not represent the views of anyone other than myself in a personal capacity. Its no wonder they are in trouble - they have spend oodles on change, but had no one that really wants to change and they have achieved nothing. They have a management team with such astounding arrogance that I'm amazed they don't vet passengers first to make sure they are of the right calibre to travel on their planes. The engineering division is great, the actual flight side of the operation will only be missed because it will be one less flight choice to Alicante. Huge potential wasted by a shower of ingrained travel dinosaurs who couldn't move with the times even if the times put them on a trolley and pushed them. Anyway, I digress, I feel for the staff, not great while all other travel sectors are keeping an eye on costs.
  14. Test Drives

    What Billy said. I love the GLA45, it's good fun, would do me as a family car, nice spec handles well, etc,etc. It was expensive against the Macan I purchased as the finance at the time was poor, the residuals poor because they seem to struggle to shift them. My local dealer had their red car for over 6 months.
  15. 16 reg RS3 in plain grey

    Yep, but it's still grey. I saw a white car the other day, that wasn't very inspiring either. There is a misano red RS6 around here, that's really quite eye catching.