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  1. Ipod Connector

    All sorted and have found out it will play music but will not charge the iphone,Also not very good the way that it works through the radio,Cant tell what's playing as it does not show on the display....... Would not advise this to anyone as it's £155.00 fitted,would be better off buying one of the digital tuner versions for £30.00 from Comet which tune into the radio ,,,,,,,,atleast that way you can see exactly what you are playing !
  2. Ipod Connector

    Hi, i have just had the Ipod connector fitted to my "06" GTI and was assured by the Dealership (Citygate High Wycombe) that the connector was compatible with the Iphone,Now having picked the car up at last knocking's yesterday my Iphone does not seem to support the connection ? Have also tried another ipod but alas still nothing. Any ideas? Cheers Graham.
  3. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hi all,i am new to the forum,myself and my missus both own GTI'S her's in on an 05 plate and mine on an 06....