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  1. £46k and no discount on an Audi Q5!

    Agreed! I tried to follow the other thread and found myself falling alseep a few times. I knew I shouldn't have been reading TSN whilst on the motorway....
  2. £46k and no discount on an Audi Q5!

    How much was the S4 per month? Can you recommend any websites that offer decent php/hp contracts? Cheers
  3. On the spot fines for carless drivers....

    What a sexist policy!!
  4. I like it... but it'll change when it gets to production because the front has no space for the registration plate!
  5. 2011 a3?

    Hmmm, some sites are now reporting that the new A3 will be "within the next couple of years" so this summer seems very unlikely! CES 2011: Next generation MMI, Touch debuting on Audi A3 — Autoblog Click above to enlarge Take a close look at the photo above. You're looking at Audi's next generation MMI system being demoed during this morning's keynote at CES. The circuit board to the left is packing NVIDIA's Tegra chipset – the same processor powering a range of tablets and netbooks – and to the right is Audi's new scroll wheel, which has grown considerably. The reason for the added girth? Audi is incorporating the much-lauded MMI Touch interface directly into the scroll wheel. MMI Touch – which originally debuted on the A8 and is making its way to the A7 and all-new A6 – will continue to move down through the ranks of Audi's line-up and will debut on the next generation A3, likely to arrive within the next two years. The revised MMI Touch will continue to include handwriting recognition, but will also handle scrolling and possibly gestures for panning, zooming and other functions. If you've used an iPhone, iPad or MacBook touchpad, you'll be right at home. We also got a sneak preview of the Tegra's performance as it seamlessly rendered Google Earth, a new circular navigation menu and full 3D graphics. Audi claims to have over 100 engineers and user interface experts working on its infotainment software, and from what we've seen today, we believe them.
  6. Is this legal?

    Sounds like they did have two similar cars but sold the cheaper car (that your mum phoned about) and kept her lingering around and get her interested in the more expensive car which they purposefully over priced to make her feel she got a good deal when they reduced it. If the deposit is refundable get it back and go elsewhere!
  7. 2011 a3?

    I was just wondering, does anyone have any insider knowledge as to when the next A3 will finally show itself? I was hoping it would be next March but given the recent RS3 announcement (April deliveries) I no longer hold much hope! It's a real shame as I had my eye on the new A3 for a while, I'm due for a change and want something to keep for ~5years so will I be forced to look elsewhere?
  8. Audi A3 2.0T SLine vs VW GTI

    Thanks for the response mate! As I said it something I'll be getting towards the end of the year... apart from the Golf vs A3 issue I'm 50:50 about a few other things: - TFSI vs TDI - Any thoughts from your test drive or recent experiences? - Manual vs DSG - I don't wanna open that debate! - Magnetic Ride - Similar to you I'm really interested to hear anyone elses thoughts on this new tech! Cheers
  9. Audi A3 2.0T SLine vs VW GTI

    First time poster, many times reader! I'm saving up for a new car later in the year: - Is there much difference between the above cars (apart from badge / styling)? - Have you driven both? If so what did you think of each? - Is the new A3 due in Sept 10 or March 11? Thanks!