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  1. Sky broadband

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] If you torrent you'll hate it. They block torrent ports and you have to encrypt and randomise your port every 24 hours otherwise they notice you and the port gets firewalled. uTorrent gets around this nicely enough though. [/ QUOTE ] where do you get that from? I torrent perfectly happily on Sky BB. [/ QUOTE ] Experience. Every 24 hours or so the port I'm using becomes firewalled, I have to randomise the port then it clears. It can't be the router so it must be the ISP.
  2. Sky broadband

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire. If you torrent you'll hate it. They block torrent ports and you have to encrypt and randomise your port every 24 hours otherwise they notice you and the port gets firewalled. uTorrent gets around this nicely enough though. I get 4.5Mb/s from my supposed 16 meg connection. I was dissapointed at first although I can't really complain because it was 2/3rds the price of the 2mbps connection that it replaced. The Netgear router they provide is crap for wifi, it struggles through brick walls. The BT Broadband wifi routers I've connected in comparison to seem to have a much more powerful signal. Customer service from Sky is generally recognised as being quite poor, if you're switching for that reason don't expect them to be any better than Orange's.
  3. iPhone formatted web sites

    And it cooks my ear, even on a short conversation.
  4. iPhone formatted web sites

    Forgot to say, battery life is totally crap, lucky to last a day of normal use. The thing is it does so much you use it more than a normal phone. I'm needing to charge it up every night.
  5. iPhone formatted web sites

    Got it for Christmas so its still less than a month old so this is my first impressions. Its a quality toy, no doubt about that, everything about it is very slick. Using the small keyboard is easy enough once you trust it to correct the errors when your thumb hits the wrong button. I can understand why people prefer the nokia n95, its a really good phone that plays music and can kind of surf the web, whereas the iphone is a really good ipod that you can make telephone calls on. I never really got on with texting on mobile phones, hitting a three times to get a c is bonkers, the full qwerty keyboard is worth it for me alone. And yes I did use the iPhone to post this reply, imagine trying to do that on a normal mobile phone.
  6. iPhone formatted web sites

    Hi Rachel, the mobile version of Google that you mention comes as one of the standard links with the iPhone, it did on mine anyway, I prefered the iPhone specific version. Also, the apps are different from web pages, the only app I found interesting is TuneWiki, it shows lyrics to your tunes, good for office mobile phone karaoke.
  7. I've found a few: - Google search UK TV Guide Amazon seems to go off to a iPhone formatted version when you log on with one. Anyone else found any useful ones? BTW Bison, this site is really hard to read on an iPhone, any chance on an iPhone skin? Happy new year everyone, I've not posted in a while. Gaunty.
  8. key fob not locking / unlocking car

    Yeah, I think you simple put the key in the driver's door lock, turn and hold for about 5/10 seconds. It should work after this.
  9. Apple Safari Browser for Windows

    There's not a lot to hate about Apple's anymore, trying to tell the difference between it and Linux is difficult, Mac's have a lot of good software installed when you buy them and are useable from day one. Windows is slow and dull, even Vista doesn't look as polished as the Mac imo. I don't think there's a lot to choose between any platform these days, if you want to play games though its got to be Windows. Dual boot it the way to go. If you want to do something quick boot into linux and you don't have to wait 10 minutes for your antivirus to settle down.
  10. Best anti Virus

    Other free alternatives are: ClamWin is interesting, I found it from my exploits with Ubuntu Linux it seems quite good but has very little penitration into the Windows arena.
  11. Quality cables

    I get my cables from here fc:
  12. How to speed up start up on windows?

    McAfee and probably lots of other anti-virus / anti-spyware software try to do a scan of your disk when you boot, I think this is strange because its difficult for virus' to get onto your computer when its off. You can probably disable this feature. Do you have any strange hardware that might have badly behaved drivers? Try disconnecting them and seeing if it makes a difference. Also, if its causing problems replace Apple Quicktime with Quicktime Alternative its much lighter on your system.
  13. heads up. Fifth gear, now

    [ QUOTE ] Ah bugger, I've missed it for the footie. Anyone know when it's repeated? [/ QUOTE ] Saturday 12 May 10:00am Channel Five
  14. A4 ABS fault code - any ideas

    Give ECU-Testing a ring, I've just sent mine off to them with the same errors and they returned it within two days fixed for £100. JCT600 wanted to replace the entire ABS Pump module at ten times as much.
  15. Sky HD box for free?

    The quality of the HD programs on Sky is very poor, you can tell the difference between SD and HD but it isn't as good as it could be. My brother cancelled his Sky subscription and they keep trying to tempt him back, they've recently offered him a free HD box, he turned it down, I wonder what they'll offer him next.