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  1. Track Day List

    I've just come on to give everyone a bit of an update on trackdaylist.com All the events are fully up to date, there have been quite a few (about 90) track day dates added recently. The big one is Donington - they are doing track days there again! So lots of car and bike dates added. Also a lot more dates at Snetterton, and a smattering at all the other circuits. Hope that helps anyone who is booking a track day soon.
  2. Track Day List

    If you know any details like dates, let me know so I can add to the site please
  3. Track Day List

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I've gone away and made quite a few changes to the track day list that I put up. Hopefully these are all positive and what you like to see! The changes are: 1) Date format is now DD-MM-YYYY instead of YYYY-MM-DD. 2) I've added Mornings/Afternoon lengths, previously it was just Full Day/Evening. 3) When you click on a flag on the map it no longer resets the zoom and centre of the map. 4) Clicking "Show Notes" no longer shows for all events, just the one you clicked. 5) Change the distance search, so mileages are now 50, 100, 150 and 200 instead of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200. 6) I've also put up a list of instructors and hire companies... if you are an instructor/hire company and want to be included let me know. 7) General redesign to make it a bit more attractive. 8) Updates to some of the labels, e.g. noise limits and full day, to make it clearer and easier to understand. 9) Biggest change for usability is you can now pass information to the search engine in the query string, e.g.: To list Easytrack events: Car: =5&vehicle_type=Car]Track Day List Bike: =5&vehicle_type=Bike]Track Day List You could list all events at Silverstone at the weekends: =32&weekdays=1,7]Track Day List Or maybe all events in July with a noise limit of 105dB: Track Day List Car events in August at Silverstone: =32&date_start=2010-08-01&date_end=2010-08-31&vehicle_type=Car]Track Day List I've also got in touch with all of the track day organisers, and had a really positive response from them, so thank you. Most organisers have asked for a login so they can add/edit their own events, which is great for everyone as it means the information is kept as fresh and up to date as possible. Less work for me too. That's about it for now, as always please keep the feedback coming my way so I can improve it and make it the site you want it to be.
  4. Track Day List

    I'm putting together a list of all the track days in the UK with a searchable database etc. It's just a hobby site because I do quite a few track days myself in a Caterham and I got fed up having to visit 30 different organisers to find a suitable day. Track Day List I'm after feedback for any days I've missed out or ways I can improve the site, just let me know please.