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  1. need help! spare parts for 2001.5 4motion

    yeah tried ebay, id rather try and get them from aus first, ive found a us based comp that is cheap. but still if i can get them around here that would be ace. cheers jase
  2. hi everyone, im currently fixing up an 01.5 4motion as the title states. ive been lookin for parts for about 4 months but cant find anyone at all. id go to the dealer but they want your cash and your kidney just for a gasket!! i need a few parts like a rad support, bumper support and so on, i have the bonnet and bumper so im sweet with that. if any one has any one i can call or can call me or whatever id be very appreciative!!! some one please help!! oh im in vic/ aus but dont care where the parts are from cheers jase