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  1. pd 150 misfire and esp light

    il try another forum
  2. pd 150 misfire and esp light

    i hear were your coming from but defo misfire as its in limp home mode with the esp light on and its quite violent really is but like i say wen i turn off then back on again when cars warmed up it drives like new no noises and full power is there until the car is stopped and cooled down again,,,why the managemet light dose not come on and bring a code up is beyond me i only get esp light and misfire due to limp mode so it starves fuel because theres a problem when cold but its not telling me what it is,,even drove it round for over half an hour like this to see if a code would come up but all it did was snap the lower engine mount bolt and plate luck scrap yard had one for 15 quid
  3. hi all can anyone advise what to do about the esp light comimg on and misfire only when starting from cold then after stoping engine then starting again its fine and drives like new until cooled down again? changed the green 4 pin coolant temp sensor but no change and no codes coming up, at first it would come on after 1 min of driving but now comes on after turning key wen cold but then yesterday it stared and drove with out a hitch then in afternoon wen cooled esp limp mode etc and its getting to me now, any help cheers o and got a gray coolant temp 2 pin to change but i dont think mine has one of these???? 2003 pd150 gtitdi remaped
  4. erratic idle on 1.8t a4

    hi all, can you give me advice on where to look next i have bad idle and had codes 300 301 302 303 304 i clear them and it tickes over at 1000 rpm and no misfiring but after say 5 mins it gose to bad idle and pops from tailpipes, but revs up evenly and drives as nor,al its just tick ove speed thats the problem, changed maf sensor thats all ive done just gone round in circles with the code clearing etc, could it be the I.C.valve bunged up or not reponding to the ecu?????
  5. finding fault codes

    ah right ill have a search see if anything turns up cheers
  6. finding fault codes

    is there a way of finding fault codes on vw's? i.e on my old impreza turbo you connected 2 plugs together so it gave you a series of flashes on a light on the dash board and you plugged a second one in and re-set the ecu..............or do you have to obtain a VAGCOM??? cheers
  7. aircon pump pull removal

    hi guys wondering if anyone can help with my air com pump as the drive pully bearing is on the way out and need to change it but could do with knowing if the pully can be removed in situe or has the pump to be removed? and how to get the pully off when the nut is removed dose it need pulling off or tapping off etc etc car is a golf gtitdi 150 , cheers....
  8. hello first day on this site

    thanks , yes i think il get in on a pit and give it a real good ispection hopfully over the weekend and have a good look at the turbo pipes it dose sound like a split or something and theres a bit of smoke on start up prob just a tad over what i would call normal,,,,car is fully servised and 1 owner who is in the womens institute by lookks of things and lives on a monor lol but as with any second hand car who knows how its been treat at the end of the day you just do your best and hope for it lol i suppose i should stay well away from those 70 quid plug in boxes on fleabay then?? lol
  9. hello first day on this site

    hi, yes i bought the scoob 4 years ago as a my00 2000 turbo and had it re mapped twice, with a ihivf35 turbo and hks 4-2-1 headers,de cat, walbro, sti cooler etc est 290-310 bhp it shifted but petrol guage shifted with it no matter what driving style i used, did everything myself except the re-maps whats annoying is its still sat in my drive and cant drive it only for viewing purposes as its going to be advertised this week when the rain stops so i can clean it dont know where to start with the golf as of yet, i want to keep the interior standard but the sterio is dia for some reason its the 8 speaker gammer one but i had a golf v5 and that was prety aceptable but i dont know why this one sounds so tinney? plus the turbo sounds a bit hollow screech acompaned with high turbo screech on boost then gose normal high pitch past 2500k?? other than that car looks abd drives brand new am impresed with it+++
  10. hi all just joined the site today after leaving another site but now ive changed from turbo subaru and now got myself a golf gttdi 03 150bhp last week so hear i am, and loving the fact that i now sit in a well built car now and not boucing down the road and constantly filling the car with fuel and (filling goverments pockets),,,,,if you guys have any info for my new car or any mods etc i could be looking into for the time being that would be great