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  1. Long awaited RS 3

    I know what your saying and cheap will do it in taxi's but there are several professions that are vilified by the media. The construction industry being one. My company has gained a very good reputation for quality and fair pricing. We have won building awards for quality etc. but the bottom line is there is very little trust. What's a taxi driver going to do but take you where you want to go. One way or another your going to get there!!! Now you take sales personal, garages or building to name but a few, that mostly give a great service. it is assumed due to the bad press we're out to rip everyone off. I can't remember seeing "Rogue Taxis" or Cowboy Taxis on tele. Yes you sometime run late may charge a little to much, take cash but we will still use you because a tenner for a taxi is neither here or there in the big scheme of things. As for people wanting to work for you doesn't always good service. Just good employers. Anyway back to the RS 3 I will right my review tomorrow with some added pic's now that I've had the car for a month.
  2. Long awaited RS 3

    I'm a builder and I can tell you if I turned up at a client’s house with anything other than the Van I would and have received the comment “you must be expensive or I'm paying you too much” etc. The negative publicity that surrounds certain professions dictates you try to tread gently.
  3. Long awaited RS 3

    Thanks for all the comments!! well noted. We'll see how things go. I will say it as it is.
  4. Long awaited RS 3

    I have been running a Q5 3.0TDI S Line. nice car but the wife hated it. To big so back to a hatch back. Her challenge was to change the car with no additional cost to me. Our 2011 RS 3 turns up this weekend and I have to say Even though I liked the Q5 I did miss our S3. Well now we have gone 1 better. (My opinion only) I have posted on here before my liking for the RS 3. Now I have a chance to sample ownership. If your interested I will post some pic's and periodic reviews.
  5. Q5 3.0lt S Line

    Well what a change, I reluctantly having to admit that I've got old!! It just creeps up on you quieter than a ninja. One minute I was combing my hair using hair wax. Pulling on a pair of jeans that would only fit just over my feet now and jumping into my bright orange Capri GT. Blasting around the quiet county lanes of Lincolnshire on a Sunday morning imaging that I was "The Stig" (Not the topgear Stig) or even worse Bodie and Doyle. Sideways, tyre smoke and squealing everywhere! Now bald, slightly overweight and over 50 my history of cars has been fast hatch backs. I've had all the Golf GTIs, VR6, 3 nr Audi S3s including the latest S3 Sport back. I loved them all and the last sprint blue S3 sport back being the best. We were up for a change I wanted a RS3 but we couldn’t put that sort of money into a car and we were looking for something a little different. My wife suggested a Q5 "so we can take the dogs out" and I was totally against it. A Chelsea tractor up my drive you can think again. Well we test drove a 2.0 TDI S line and I wasn't at all impressed yes the ride height was good but I couldn't see myself on the door handles around my favourite bends. It’s taken her 6 months to convince me to get one. So we opted for a second hand 3.0 TDI S Line. The search was on. Very slowly on my part but we did find one. We found an 18 month old Grey one, fully loaded at Huddersfield Audi, we arranged for a test drive and it was purchased 2 weeks ago. I have now driven some 1500mls in that time and I hate to admit it "I Love IT". I'm still in denial with reference to being old! When you approach the car it is sporty looking for a SUV especially with those 20” alloy wheels and the colour suits it well. We have memory seats so a push on the key fob and my seat auto adjusts to my last settings and when you share a car with your partner there nothing more frustrating then have to spend the next 10mins trying to get it just how you want. Having planted my bum on the electrically heated leather sport seats I insert the key and wait about 3 seconds then the V6 rubbles into life. It’s quiet, very quiet. You could pass through the centre isle of the local library without the patrons raising an eye brow. Click it into reverse, release the electronic handbrake and she gentle backs out the driveway. The reversing sensors adding confidence that you’re not going to run over the family VW polo run about. Select D and we off. The controls initially feel heavy, even compared to my T5 works van. But you soon get used to it and it helps with the total feeling of security. The driving position is reasonably high not as high as a Discovery or X5 but a good compromise. Out on the open road the car guilds along effortlessly, the gear change is so smooth you just don't feel it. When we first drove the car had to concentrate on keeping up to the speed limits. A couple of times I've looked in the rear view mirror only to see a line of traffic building up, "what’s up with them" then I look down at my speedo it's doing 40. I look again in my rear view mirror and I can read the drivers mind " F**king farmers. Around town the car is generally good but the gearbox does get caught out sometimes, this is due to in D mode the car always selects 2nd gear to pull away and sometime when you what to nip out. You put your foot down and it takes a couple of seconds to sort it's self out. You don't have this issue if you select Sport, I do a lot!!! The only other thing that Audi should look at in the future is the speedo. It goes up from O to flat out in 20 mph increments 20, 40, 60 etc. You can so easily get caught out when trying to do 30 as this is at the bottom of the speedo and is difficult to pick out when trying to concentrate on the road. You often end up doing around 35+ Bloody old age. When the wife is not in the car I push it on a bit, it's no uber hatch but it does go well for a big car 0-60 6.6 sec but the most impressive thing for me is the torque. Overtaking is despatched in a blink. You can use the gearbox in auto sport mode which is great for most occasions but if you really want to open its legs the paddle shift comes into its own. You can down shift really quickly whilst braking heavily allowing you to be ready to push the load button on exiting corners etc. Like all four wheel drive cars there is an element of under steer but only getting on the gas to early. The under steer is flat and manageable. There are no hidden nasty’s. The car is full of toys such as satnav, multi-media, phone prep, fully electrical operated leather sports seats with bum heaters, auto rain & light sensor pack, and head light assist. And Climate cup holders all work really well. The fuel consumption is around 32mpg local driving and I’ve just come back from a race meeting at castle comb and averaged 40mpg and I was above the speed limit on the motorway most of the time! Will this be my favourite of all time…..NO but for this stage in life then yes! Can’t wait for the Q5S to come out Now where my pipe and slippers
  6. Q5 Multi Media

    Sorry for not responding, been very busy with work!!! thanks for the info! Now that we've had the car for a couple of weeks and put 1500mls on the car time for a review.
  7. Q5 Multi Media

    Hi guys I have just purchased a Q5 and I'm trying to sort out the media system. The car is second hand and we found some music stored in the memory. The music wasn't to my liking so I reset the system clearing the memory. Now I'm trying to import my CD but I'm not getting anywhere! I have followed the instructions. I put in a CD and go to gala and press to import then click on the CD nothing happens. Please help. I am a bricklayer so I have my excuses ready. Is the Hard drive a separate unit or integral. I will be writing a review in a weeks time after I've had a few miles under my belt. One thing is for sure it's not my S3 Sport back. (sadly missed) Thanks in advance
  8. Sprint Blue S3 Sportback

    For sale. 2008 Audi S3 32000 miles One owner Sprint Blue Black & Silver Nappa Leather Full electric seats Chrome Rails 6 CD auto Changer Light & Rain sensor Pack DVD Satnav Multi media Central arm rest Black piano inlays Great nick (not Pinched) £17995
  9. RS 3 Tested.

    I agree moschops! my test car was in white. Not my colour but the car is great. I'm trying to order one. I'll let you know how I get on. My only problem in buying the RS3 is I'll always want to be out in it and I haven't felt that way about a car since I was in my 20's. Good write up!
  10. RS 3 Tested.

    Sorry garon not into scubbies. I'm sure they're great cars, the last scubbie I drove suffered understeer in slow tight corners and especially in the wet. And the interior looked like they'd stolen it from a Sunny 120 haha. But i have to say I loved the engine, it pulled like a train. Please note this is only my opinion on the RS3 based upon my 35 years of driving everything from a Morris 1000 van (starting up using a starting handle) to AMG merc's, M3, and Porche 911 C4S. None of which helped hahaha As for the ride quality I think I can only Sum that up by saying I drove the car in heavy rain on B roads at speeds up to 90MPH and the wife said she couldn't feel any difference between the S3 or the RS. Now I think it was a little firmer, you'd really need to concentrate wholly on the ride to notice any difference. As for the handling, in a straight line on uneven roads with maximum acceleration it felt in total control, riding the bumps without unsettling the ride or handling. Over the years I have learnt when carrying passages how to make fast progress without upsettling them. I think this has helped with driving the S3. As I have already stated high and mid speed corners are no problem the grip levels would revival any car out there. The problem comes when negotiating slow tight corners. You brake heavy into the corner loading up the front tyres ready for the turn, you start your turn coming off the brakes. The weight then starts to become neutral, this is just the point where you lose the feeling through the steering wheel. You set a constant throttle and have to wait for the corner to open up before you give it some beans. Otherwise you get a lump of understeer. I have learnt to drive around this but it is very frustrating. Little sporty hatchbacks can make you look a right ****! Your line has to be true. You just can’t adjust the car using steering and throttle enough to make any difference. This is the only frustrating bit for me. I’m not a straight line man I love the corners. Any other car you grab it by the throat and you can be a bit wild and trust in your ability to get out of the **** if you find yourself in it. I think the RS3 is very much in that vein. You have to be very neat and tidy. At 52 this suits my now driving style ( and no “not driving Ms Daisy”) I still press on but no longer want to be Mark Lovall or The “Stig” (not from TG). The RS3 is the most complete car I have driven to date and that’s a bold statement, but It has 4 doors, seats 4 adults comfortably and can match cars most fast cars about. I like the look with a bit more slap, I know what I’m getting, has a big enough boot. I love four wheel drive. I hope whilst making this statement I haven’t offended anybody but if I have tough ha
  11. RS 3 Tested.

    I leant to drive when cars mainly had rear wheel drive, BHP was measured using an abacus and the only optional extra was if the radio was fitted in the dash or placed on the back seat. 100 bhp being something very special, not a lot by today’s standards. We didn’t have ESP, ABS etc, we had suspension springs you’d find in a modern day parker pen, tyres that were narrower than the shoulders of a banker and when it was anything other the dry you drove looking out your side windows. Over the years I’ve had to adapt my driving style to suit the advancements, from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive to four wheel drive. Each variant having its own characteristics . So, today I found myself test driving a RS3. I have had the TTRS for an extended two day test so I was familiar with the engine and owning an S3 sport back I knew the basic shape. The TT was a nice car but not for me and at the time when I tested it my thoughts were “they should put this engine in an A3” and that’s why I’m here. I make no bones about the fact that I am an Audi fan, but I’m not blinkered. The test car was in white and came with no extras. Now to say it looked bland would be an understatement. Most women will admit they don’t look their best without a bit of slap on and that’s exactly the same with the RS. Yes, the car is some 6 years old and I don’t pander to fashion pressures “new shape new interior bollox but come on Audi. A bit of makeup would go a long way to please the eye. Like all relationships you’re attracted by the looks first. There are bits, optional extras, to make it look better but we should not need to pay for them and that carries through to the interior, more slap for your money please!!!!! Settling into the car was like walking into your front door after a long holiday very familiar, no surprises, hold on though I’ve been burgled, some low life, drugged up hoody has pinch my electric leather nappa seats, and my rain and light sensor pack. There’s no sign of forced entry, wait a minute it’s not my car phew. Thank god for that. The weather for the test was heavy rain and my missus is smiling away whilst commenting on the fact that due to the wet roads she has a great chance of keeping her breakfast down. Game on! We set off straight on to a long duel carriageway, some 18 miles to check out its cruising ability and found that the road noise was a little louder than the S3 due in main to the extra width of the front tyres. But as expected. The car was very stable at high speed the engine noise was well supressed. Until you push the loud peddle, then the beautiful 5 cylinder’s came to life. I love this engine, who couldn’t. It took me back to the early Audi’s. Days spend in damp woods watching the original stig throwing gravel at me as he flies passed. The early scubby’s had that same uneven beat fantastic!!!!!! Turning right off the roundabout onto some very demanding B roads, selecting S and using the paddles (this is going to take some getting used to) I start to push on a bit, the car initially turns in a little sharper than the S3 and holds its line. The grip is titanic and in these conditions that’s an apt description. Three quarters through the corner you bury your right foot into the carpet and you’re off like a kid who’s been seen scrumping apples by the local farmer and rumour has it he’d shoot you with his shotgun. If her indoors wasn’t sat keeping me company I would have been able to play a bit more. I did try a couple of standing starts and the rain did not affect the rapid acceleration of this car. It pulled away without a hint of wheel spin. So pulling out of busy junctions would be no problem no matter what Mother Nature decided. We returned the car to the stealers and I have to say with a smile on my face. Now would I buy one yes I would, why because you get 70K type of performance, it ticks all my boxes, a high performance four door family hatch back. Driven properly will give any car a run for its money cross country. And a big plus is its understated! RS like. Can I buy one The Stealer is saying yes and they are confirming on Monday when they have spoken to the R division. I will keep you up dated
  12. RS3 UK Test

    The TG mag has just tested The RS3 Vs the BMW M1 back to back. You should read it. The RS3 hammers the M1 on the standing start then onto 100mph. TG state that there RS3 did 0-60 in 3.8sec against 4.6sec for the BMW and a full second faster to 100mph. It shows the RS3 is a very quick motor. It also say that the RS3 is the best car to have as a very fast cross country car. They also stated that the BM’s ride was to firm, it wasn’t as practical etc etc etc however they would have the BMW every time I don't get TG but I think they trying to say, you should get the one that ultimately tests your driving skill. They need to be on the edge blardy blar I have friends who go get the latest golf club, the latest hyper sports bike, latest fast car or the latest top gadget. Because I don't do this I have tried to work them out and I've come to the conclusion that they have a number of issues going on i.e. If they have the latest widow maker they are automatically hoisted into that club. You know that club outsiders can only dream of! From there they can pontificate about we mere mortals. Or they just have small cocks Most of my friends can’t ride there hyper bikes any faster than a good little one on a 600 or drive their rear wheeled fast car and they don’t hit there golf ball any further then they did with their old club. As for the rest of us I suspect we’re quite happy with who we are and what we want. If somebody wants a RS3 or a BMW go get one good luck to you. Ones happy in the suit he wears the other has a small cock I'll let you be the judge about whos whos ha
  13. More RS3's to be made.

    We are up to chop our S3 in soon and I was considering a RS3, For me it ticks all my boxes as long as it doesn't drive any worse then the TTRS which I've had on extended test. I was told that all the 500 allocated have been sold and unlucky. So I went looking for other options. Next thing you know I get a call from our local dealer, he can put me in a RS3 end of this year, begining of next year. Funny how they can suddenly produce more. Like any big business I think they tested the water with the first 500 now they will make hay. I think thats the term. Oh yes on a final note what happened to all those people who said that they would never ever ever ever build a RS3. That must sting abit, that and finding out father christmas is not real ha
  14. Geneva 2011: Audi RS3 Sportback - press release + pictures

    Tipex If we're shouting stat's Audi were the only manufacturer in the pass two years not to be affected by the recession! increasing there sales by some 4%. AND just because somebody doesn't agree with you does not make them blinkered or gullible. I have a close friend who look's after the warrenty work at a main merc dealers and he's often comments on the poor build quality of merc's. I do think Tipex that you maybe the blinkered one here. I have had BMW as a company car and it was blander then the inside of a taxi cab. To be honest the most reliable company car I've ever had was in fact a honda. My next door nieghbour has had BMW's for the past 15years and he's changed to a new A4. best move he's ever made according to him. Your opinion in very welcome, I am happy to read it but don't attack me by saying I'm gullible. I have my reasons for liking the things I do!
  15. Geneva 2011: Audi RS3 Sportback - press release + pictures

    Well I disagree with you Tipex, Audi are as good as BMW and merc's but that doesn't matter. I rang an Audi dealer today to check when they get there RS3 demo in and was informed that they didn't know and I was not to bother anyway as the 500 have all been snapped up! Nice salesmanship. I wouldn't have a BMW or a Merc on my driveway unless it was to put some rubbish in it. But that is only my opinion. Isn't it wonderful it have your own thoughts and opinions.