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  1. S-Tronic or Bucket Seats?

    Very true, no point spending money for the sake of it! However I was meaning I want both S-Tronic and Bucket Seats but can only afford about 2k on top of the standard car
  2. Hi guys, I'm about to go and order my Audi S3 Black Edition and can afford around 2k of extras on top. The dilemma I have is should I spend that on Bucket Seats or S-Tronic gearbox? I have similar bucket seats in my current car so I know how good they are, but I quite fancy the flappy paddle gearbox too. What do you guys think?
  3. Pirelli or ED30?

    Thanks for all the replies guys! In terms of spec, what difference is there between the Ed30 and Pirelli?
  4. Pirelli or ED30?

    Thanks guys! I think I'm swaying towards the ED30 however I'm going back to test drive them both again at the weekend so hopefully that will make my mind up for sure :D
  5. Pirelli or ED30?

    Thanks for the replies guys. The only thing swaying me towards the Pirelli are the wheels actually; I prefer them over the BBS rims! I'm not sure if there's anything in it but which box holds up the best against tuning e.g. Stage 2+ 360bhp? Manual or DSG? Also, I read somewhere the paddleshifts on the DSG box were an optional extra on the MK V's, is that correct? I would have thought they would all come with paddleshifts, but could be mistaken!
  6. Pirelli or ED30?

    Hi guys, new here, and looking to swap my VXR for a GTi. Problem I have is I dont know which one to go for, so far I have narrowed it down to 2; 57 plate Ed30 in grey, 6k miles (yes only 6k!!), manual gearbox 58 plate Pirelli in black, 13k miles, DSG box Which one would you recommend? Coming from a VXR the GTi wouldn't stay standard for long lol :D My overall plan for the car would be to tune it to at least Revo Stage2+ so which gearbox do you think could handle the extra load better? Thanks :D