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    Hi guys and girls still no news on the car its nearly been 3 weeks now and starting to think its gone for good and time to move on but still so gutted and even more so with this sunny weather !! Well talking about moving on ive been out on a couple of test drives today one being a mk5 R32 with the dsg box which i thought was great as it was a first with the dsg but i thought it sounded a bit revie whitch i know it makes the most from the engine but didnt miss the manual at all. The other was a mk5 20ltr 170bhp gt tdi which also had the dsg and i thought it was really suited to the car it was guick too . I was looking at the tdi as my r32 started as an every day car then just a weekend car so thninking of changing the girlfriends polo 1.9 tdt for the golf tdt and maybe getting a two seater like a cateram or lotus/tvr but the R32 keeps eating away at me alway been a golf lover .

    Really grateful for all your comments .... it helps with your views about my baby that was minty !!! please keep your eyes peeled friends

    I am in worcestershire ,Thanks for all your advice and help ,i just wish it was tatty now but no it was mint ,i know i will get over it but it was like my baby ,and i am sure to lose out on insurance ,and what do i get next . And dont mention a garage as i have a garage and was trying to clear it out following a renovation on the house.

    No tracker but wish it had now ,there is so many things i can say what if but it dosent help

    Iam gutted on monday mid day they got in my house and took my keys to my grey mk4 r32 ,my head is shot as i have had it from new and was planning to keep it forever ,what makes it worse is it was mint not a scratch or dent and only done 20k in 4 years i know every one love there r but i was obsessed with it even polished inside of exausts. What do i do now as i keep hopeing it will been have used on a job and will just be dumped unmarked but i bet it will not be seen again i just feel so low any advice would be a help thanks.
  6. Help with smelly air con

    Hi,i only use the car at weekends but when i put the air con on it blows out air that smells like cat pee !! went out tonight and its the same all the time any ideas ?
  7. Hoovering those hard to reach areas...

    Here's a pic of mine,works brilliant !!! its a spare nosel so i just keep it like this for those awkward places.
  8. Hoovering those hard to reach areas...

    Had the same problem with the other halfs new car and the best way is to tape a bit of hosepipe to the nosel works a treat.
  9. Megs Water Magnet!

    I bought a water magnet a few weeks ago and used it once and thought it was rubbish ,did'nt dry like a chamios it left it all streaky so if some one wants it give me a pm.
  10. MK4 vs MK5 - my preferences

    I also took the mk5 on a test drive today with out a sales man which was a bonus .It was a manual but not over imprested .Well i say that but if i did'nt have the mk4 and the mk5 was my first r32 then wow what a car But !! To me the engine seamed about the same to drive as mk4,the car felt softer on the back end and not so sporty,also i felt as if i was much higher up in the seat. I thought the inside was not as special at all like the mk4 yes it might be a bit dated now but when i saw the mk4 for the first time i loved it all it was love at first sight. The seats were ok but just ok. Don't get me wrong its a great car but not the r32 it should be. Will not be upgrading to the same car for 10k more but would get one if it was my first r32 .
  11. Cheapest R32 Insurance £384

    Give the RAC a quick online quote mate, you might be quite suprsied. Thanks just spent 10 mins gettin a quote £725 !!!
  12. Cheapest R32 Insurance £384

    Iam about to renewal with Adrian Flux Insurance on sat ,for £532 with full nc and 3 points iam 30, thats the best i could do .
  13. Cleaning inside the polo is impossible !!!

    Thanks for you advice tp ,funny you should say about the cat hairs my other half has commented on the same with hers. By the way i will post some pic's when it is clean as i have yet to show you after asking to see a close up of you wheels a while back .
  14. Hi everyone, My partner has just had a new polo 1.9 sport. We have a dyson vacum cleaner and the nossels that come with it will not reach between the seat runner and the sill !! How annoying !!! Any ideas ??? TP may have an idea as mrs TP has the same car. THANKS !!! We looked at dyson car accessories and they were not small enough. How can we possibly clean in this small space ????
  15. Extending warranty

    Thanks will pop in for one.