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  1. Hi I've just purcashed a 54 plate Passat Sport TDi with 31k on the clock from a VW dealer. Have managed to get a good deal on the car however the downsider is that I get 3 months warranty. I have been offered a 3 year warranty for £599 and am not sure whether to take it or not as it is a fairly new car and am not expecting it to cause problem (fingers crossed). Also wanted to ask if faults on the previous Passat had been ironed out in the last model before they brought out the new one. The problems that I am talking about are with pollen filter, water in the footwell. Also can you let me know what else I should check for?
  2. I've got a 2002 TDi (130 bhp) and it has 90k on the clock. I bought it last year from a garage after a couple of months it started to give black smoke and I was told there was something wrong with the turbo. Luckily it was still under warranty and they fixed it. I've noticed it recently when the car is stationary and you apply a bit of gas you can hear a slight hissing noise from the engine. Do any of you know if this is a common problem or what it could be? Also I've had the car serviced and when you drive from being stationary it gives quite a bit of black smoke. Can you help
  3. Help water in passenger footwell!!!!!

    Hi I bought a VW Passat TDi (130 bhp) about 5 weeks ago from a dealership and have a 1 year warranty on it. This Saturday I took the car through a car wash and when I got home I decided to give it a clean. However when lifting the rear left passenger floor mat I found a lot of standing water. I managed to get most of the water out and at first thought there must be a leak somewhere on the car and that the water came through when I tool the car through the car wash. I managed to dry out the inside and booked the car in with the garage. Last night I made a trip to London and discovered that there again was water in the rear left passenger footwell. Have any of you experienced this as well and what is the solution???
  4. TDI 130 or 100 bhp?

    Update - I went and checked the label in the wheel well and it definately states that it is 130bhp this confirms what VW told me on the phone a few days ago. I've actually decided to buy the car.
  5. TDI 130 or 100 bhp?

    'What specifically did you ask VW, and who did you speak to, a dealer or VW Head Office / Customer Services?' In one of the previous posts there was VW number posted 0800 711811 I rang this number and gave them the registration and they read back the details and confirmed that on their system it is is 130bhp.
  6. TDI 130 or 100 bhp?

    I'm thinking of buying a VW Passat and over the weekend I test drove a TDI 100(bhp), the DI of the TDI badge are red, the salesman assured me that it was 100bhp. Both me and my father drove it and we both agreed that it was very nippy for a 100bhp. I phoned up VW and they state that it is a 130bhp. Is there anyway I could check on the car to confirm if it is 100bhp or 130bhp?? Thanks
  7. Poor M3 (mWW, BWW)

    Saw the pics another site and the guy who posted the pics had the following to say about it : "Its not mine........came to my dealership about 2 hours ago though. Apparently M3 dude was sleeping with ex-wife of psycho dude. Psycho dude goes to ex's house and takes out aggression on M3 dude's new M3. "
  8. ill BMW M5 in the Slough/Windsor Marriott

    Saw the new BMW M5 being loaded onto a trailer after problems with the engine. Poor guy had parked up and then 30 minutes later couldn't start the thing. Worst thing it was parked awkardly and the tow man was trying his best not to scratch it, though the way he had it hoisted up looked as if he would scrape the rear. Least to say ownwer was gutted.
  9. You have to have a look at this! - PART 2

    Thats made my day
  10. To scratch or not to scratch?

    All the other parking bays were taken so thats why he parked in the disabled parking bay but the store manager was ok with this when my brother told him. He did go outside but by this time the old man had gone and left the scratch. He did go back in but unfortunately they didn't have the incident on tape Guess in the heat of the moment we were threating to do this and that, probably if we see him again have a quiet word with him to say that he was wrong. Not happy as a few weeks ago went to some relatives house. These two cars were chasing each other the driver in the first car stopped and threw a bottle of vodka hit the boot of our car and damaged the boot. Guess he was aiming for the car behind (they were fighting each other) again we were inside and they drove off, passer by told us what happened
  11. To scratch or not to scratch?

    My brother went to the local supermarket yesterday and parked in a disabled parking bay. There are about 30 normal parking bays and 15 disabled parking bays which are always empty. All the normal parking spaces were full and he parked in a disabled parking bay. He went inside and told the store manager and they were fine with this, by the way of the 15 disbaled bays only 2 other were being used. When my brother went inside this old guy said to him that he should move his car and my brother ignored him. When he got back to the car he found a deep scratch on the passenger side door. Somone told him that the old man had done it. My father and myself blame my brother for parking in the disabled spot but surely the old man went a bit too far by scratching the car! It really pi556ed me off as if I had been there I would have probably knocked him out I admit my brother was wrong but surely this no right for the guy to damage the car. My brother swears that if he sees him next time he will damage his car in front of his eyes So do you think the old guy was right to damage the car?
  12. Pics of A4 Cab with new grill

  13. Pics of A4 Cab with new grill

    Just found these pics of the A4 Cab with slight modifications. Don't know about the nose doesn't look aggressive enough? Have a look and what do you guys/girls think? Do you like it? A4 Cab slight modifications
  14. Cabriolet Redesign in 2005???

    All Just wanted to ask if any of you knew if the Cabriolet front or any other part will be redesigned next year? I saw a chart over on the AudiWorld website that stated the Cab will be getting a slight redesign in summer 2005. I have asked my local delaership and he is adament that there is no redesign in the piplines at all. Do any of you know otherwise? Also will Audi be replacing the 1.8T with the 2.0FSI?? Thanks MJ