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  1. I've got a set of 5 17" Oz Super Turismo wheels and tyres for sale. They came off my 98 Audi A4 Tdi and are 225 x 45 R17 All of the Wheels are slightly scuffed. 4 of the wheels are fitted with Toyo Roadpro R610's. 2 of which have 7mm tread and two which are barely legal. The fifth wheel has a star Millenium tyre on it with 5mm of tread. I'm looking for around £300 but am open to offers. Thanks for looking...
  2. Tractor Tyres

    There wasn't much in the price. The 610's where £10 cheaper than the Proxes which were £10 cheaper than the F1's. I've gone for the 610's just to try them out!
  3. Tractor Tyres

    I'd forgotten about those, I nearly put a set on the scooby but opted for Toyo's instead - hence the predeliction. OMG, that's a complicated word for this time of day!
  4. Tractor Tyres

    I've currently got TOYO Proxes on the tractor and after yesterdays blow-out I'll need two new ones. I feel the Proxes are wasted on the tractor (great that they are) and so was wondering for some recomendations? What do people think about these? :-
  5. Shell Following BP's lead

    [ QUOTE ] The feckers are launching it up north first......thats soo annoying, because shell garages are a lot easier to get to than BP for me [/ QUOTE ] What do you mean up north? I think the farthest north is Cumbria!
  6. Shell Following BP's lead

    Looks like Shell are bringing out their 'performance diesel'. It's called diesel plus. For details see:
  7. A4 1.9Tdi quattro sport avant - mini review

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] What does a chipped 1.9Tdi quattro drive like? Any ideas? [/ QUOTE ] <snip> The one main drawback is the lack of a decent soundtrack. [/ QUOTE ] Ahh, a reason to go V6???
  8. A4 1.9Tdi quattro sport avant - mini review

    But I don't want to be! I need an AWD V6. PS Sorry, the wife needs one.
  9. A4 1.9Tdi quattro sport avant - mini review

    What can chipping the 2.5 get you to, 180bhp? Using the PD130, you can acheive the same levels but at a much lower weight. So if you start off with the 2.5 (180bhp) chipping that gets you to about 200, but the quattro penalty would mean less performance than the chipped PD130. Or would it? Does that make sense?
  10. A4 1.9Tdi quattro sport avant - mini review

    [ QUOTE ] I've only driven the 1.9TDi front wheel drive and the 2.5Tdi quattro but my experience is tha these two feel very similar performance wise, this means you're dropping 50bhp ish (?) just for pleasure of a bit more traction. Oh, and I always got over 40mpg, even thashing the bolox off it. [/ QUOTE ] This is what I've been toying with. The wife's next car is probably going to be an A6. I was going to go for the 2.5 Quattro Sport. but if the quattro system knocks 50bhp off the performance then I might as well get a chipped pd130 rather than the FWD 2.5 tdi. Thoughts?
  11. Chipping ECU on 1.9 TDi A4 (1997) 90 Bhp

    Sounds like a bog-standard tuning box. Loads of places do them. They normally plug into the fuel pump and increase the duty cycle thereby increasing performance. Try for some more info.
  12. TDi Smoking when chipped

    Wayne, You can moderate the smoke by adjusting the injection quantity. See here:
  13. Go PD130!

    Just to clarify things:- It would be in an A6, as I need the room over an A4. Now, the only problem is that you can't get a A6 PD 130 quattro. I do like AWD, my last two cars being AWD but the added weight of the quattro system plus the V6 weight is a serious handicap to performance. Choices, choices!
  14. Go PD130!

    I've been keeping track of the tuners and i's looking like the PD130 is really the way to go. I was going to go for a 2.5 quattro but who needs to when you can get the same power out of a chipped 1.9. As an added bonus, it'll be a lot lighter as well, which will mean even better performance.
  15. Racing Diesel

    There's a guy with a mark II Golf that's got over 200. He frequent's See here for his latest dyno run: