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  1. 2006 spec gti!!!!!

    Re. MK5 GTI 2006 spec, is the bee-sting ariel that same as the MK4, or it the smaller sat nav type MK5 ariel?
  2. How do i get a showroom finish??

    Re. polishing out scratches and buffing can anyone recommend an equivalent to the porter cable 7424 random orbital polisher that I can buy in the UK? Thanks.
  3. MK5 Golf 19s For Sale

    Just in case anyone is interested, I've just posted a set of unused 19 inch RH Crossline 3 piece alloys/tyres in the classifieds, with a photo. A change of plan forces sale. http://www.tyresmoke.net/classifieds.php?ShowAd=841
  4. MK5 Golf 19s For Sale

    generalmarketplace-ML-380897-ML- Moved this as these wheels will fit more than GTI so you'll get a bigger audience.
  5. MkV colour coded pics

    Here's a link to my black colour coded GTI. www.uk-mkivs.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=55560
  6. Pictures Of My New GTI

    The larger cutout is for DSG cars - cooling for the gearbox. I nearly bought a laser blue GTI myself - nice choice.
  7. Where to buy - discounts?

    My VW dealer told me (in confidence) that they have a 5% margin on the GTI. Is this likely to be correct? Do different dealers have different margins?
  8. Need advice

    It's all down to personal choice, but for me the 1.8T is the clear winner. Better tuning potential and better residuals. V5 was designed as an 'executive' car, the 1.8T was designed for the sporting enthusiast.
  9. Where to buy - discounts?

    "I ordered this week. Had 5% discount offered through a dealer in the midlands (introduced through the broker Carfile). Before I ordered I decided to check if that was the best I get so phoned about 15 dealers from the vw dealer advert in this months What Car. All said no discount apart from one - got 6.5% from dealer in North East. Not too bad a deal (considering) but still slightly gutted because I was thinking of ordering last November when Drivethedeal were offering an amazing 11%!!" Which dealer in the north east offered you a 6.5% discount?