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  1. Replacement LCD Kitchen TV

    Thanks for the comments and advice - MrsTP 'blagged' a display Samsung 22" TV at a discount, set up already and very good quality, compared to the Sony it has replaced. Original cheap idea of a Logik was not a good option after all!!
  2. Afternoon all! I'm looking for a suggestion (s) for a replacement TV for the Kitchen - 22" to 24", with in-built Freeview and a decent sound quality (if that's possible with a budget style TV like this). It'll be set on the worktop surface (wired to an external roof aerial) and nothing too grand, likely ceiling budget c.£200. Any thoughts from those of you that know about these things? TP.
  3. Stolen - Golf GTD - A13 RHG

    Likewise - not a pleasant experience for Ross - hope it gets found.
  4. Massive crash, BlancPain GT 2015 at Misano

    Every cloud has a happy ending - or is that the wrong saying.......!
  5. We Buy Any Car

    Made my Sunday evening - great Post !!!!
  6. Brilliant !!! (Can you actually get Insurance in China.........!!).
  7. Justin Wilson IndyCar accident

    Seconded - just goes to reaffirm that Motorsport will always be dangerous - tragic.
  8. This joker was behind me in traffic today.

    You must have frightened him - his face is as white as a sheet !!
  9. Love this advert

    I agree - anyway, 21st Century women keep that area well trimmed nowadays anyway, so the suggestion of the wine glass representing a 'bush' is irrelevant !!
  10. Mk8 GTi - For Riz

    Has that now featured in AutoExpress too!?
  11. Mk8 GTi - For Riz

    Corrected, for ease !!
  12. Jules Bianchi

    A sad update for this Saturday morning - tragic accident, may he RIP.
  13. Sniff does Audi A4 Aero

    Me too - brilliantly funny!!!
  14. mk3 TT-S

    Lovely car and a good write up - enjoy!!
  15. A cock

    I am now absolutely convinced that the inside lane of any duel carriageway has been laid expressly for me. I rarely have any traffic to contend with as all other drivers are in their own outside lane, jammed nose to tail leaving me free to enjoy an open road surface.
  16. Audi RS3 Press Release

    Who's R420 are you going to Test Drive, Riz!? Oh, saw you in VW Driver too - got the impression from the article you quite like your car!!
  17. Porsche Macan

    Have you seen some of the Touareg deals - bonkers but it's a HUGE wagon!
  18. Jack Wilshere

    He's just been overly unlucky - as a UK Celebrity, he should be allowed to live above the Law and act like a spoilt brat, without recourse. It's about time the Police Force learned to respect this..........
  19. Williams F1 vs BMW M5

    Might need a bit of (Garcon style) refurbishment...............
  20. Williams F1 vs BMW M5

    Think if you look closely at the house, it's had an extension and a Conservatory added..........
  21. Jack Wilshere

    Yes - but everything Football craves the full Media spotlight so when the minority to step out of line, the Media go bananas. The good news is the Season is over - time for all the players to take some well earned rest in the Tattoo parlour......
  22. Jack Wilshere

    I think your Thread summarises why so many of us are not interested in the slightest.........
  23. Golf R420 - Confirmed?

    I think it's more to do with it being Edition 40 (40 years since the GTi was born) - but you know that, don't you.......
  24. Mercedes Pit Wall Team?????

    I agree - if my Salary was £Zillions per annum, I'd maybe forgive a Management feck up !!!
  25. Football results today

    So, the Season is over. Time for all the Players to inflate the takings of every Tattoo parlour in the land during the off season.