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  1. New mk3 gti carpet

    hi peeps does any know where i could get a new carpet for the mk3 golf gti,are there any people out there that do one,cheers all
  2. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    got me auto mate out and the coil was not workin,new one on and hay prestow up and running
  3. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    got a auto electition out to look,good job i know him so no charge,should of called him sooner.checked some stuff and found that there was a signal to the coil but nothing out the other end to the dizzy,what a releif,should be getting new one belt kit beeing done sat and let the games begin lol .if all else fails px golf gti for mountain bike lol
  4. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    changed the pump relay as old owner said they did it 2 years ago still wont fire enjoyable owning a golf,pile of **** doing my head in,do i now change the fule pump
  5. anyone know where it is/???pump relay

    cool fair few in there any idea which one lol
  6. :ffs:hi all got a 1998 2.0 ltr 8 v golf does anyone know where and what number the fuel pump relay is in the fuse box.cheers dudes
  7. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    car has been ok last 2 times out then started agin so put new dizzy cap and arm in,went out all ok then stopped again,feels like you have run out of fuel.wont start leave it a bit then it does now she wont fire at all,doing my head in,any ideas anyone
  8. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    had a look at the air filter all new in there,popped off the dissy cap and it looks a bit corroded,i have gave the bits a rubb with a bit of emry cloth took it for a quick lap round block and no stall.will take it for a longer run and get a new cap and rotter arm
  9. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    all normall stuff dude no upgrades.ill have it back out.wonder if ive nocked something
  10. golf gti 2.0ltr 8 v (stalling)mk3 1998

    only had it about 2 months it had a oil change at 90,000.looking at the extensive history it had a full service at 76000 miles,plugs,oil7air filter,polen filter,fuel filter,87,000 it had a oil and air starts easy enough after it has stalled.i looked at the air filter just see if was clean and put it back.short time after its started stalling.
  11. :confused:hi peeps new to this site and could do with a bit of golf which has done 98000 and been running fine has suddenly starting stalling on me while just driving along.i pull over and it starts up fine and runs,sometimes it will happen once or twice while im out and then be ok.anyone got any ideas where to start.i was thinking maybe the iar flow meter,cheers peeps if you can is