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  1. mk4 1.8t or 2.8 v6 um??

    ok seems like it probly would be best goin for a 1.8t then, cheeers
  2. mk4 1.8t or 2.8 v6 um??

    im kinda wanting the 4mo,im not realy interested in easy mod power gains although that would be a bonus!.only thing idd realy do to either of these is a nice exhaust and a remap, but im not liking the hidden costs of insurance and petrol on the 4mo, think neaer the time when i have the money for it, is get insurance quotes on both, which has the better acceleration? im guessing the 4mo? tah..
  3. mk4 1.8t or 2.8 v6 um??

    hello chaps! can i borrow your seemingly endless amounts of advice? next year {in a few months} im going to be upgradeing my current car mk4 2.0 to either a 1.8t or a 2.8 v6 4mo i just love the mk4's they look great! especialy with the r32 body kit!,are there any problem areas with ethier of these? the haldex for example? and whats up with the 4x4? from what ive read its only 4wd when it looses traction on the front wheels?. also would the 2.8v6 be more expensive on the insurance compared to the 1.8 T?. thnks..
  4. programing a key for Mk4 2000

    well i got my blank key cut yesterday so it opens the doors, and i fitted a transponder from ebay which is said to be for vw,skoda audi, and i can say this method doesnt work.
  5. hi guys,does anybody know if programing the transponder {virgin} in your new key will work by haveing your original in the ignition and by locking the door from the outside with the new one?,will this method work on my golf gti 2.0 year 2000 ? as i heard they stopped this method for security reasons,i have a vw HAA blank key ready to be cut i do need a transponder for it though, thanks
  6. Golf MK4 Central locking

    i have a similar problem, if i press the remote button once it unlocks the drivers door and i have to press it again if i want to unlock the passenger door.