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  1. Quiet tyres for 2005 A8 D3

    My advice is to stick with the D9000s if you can still get them. After 3 sets of D9000s on my 2006 D3 Sport (first set came with the car) I switched to Falken 452s and have regretted it ever since. As well as being noisier on most surfaces, they are far more brittle and lack the subtle compliancy of the Dunlops. On the plus side they seem to grip slightly better, but this in no way compensates for the NVH issues. The good news is that they are wearing out much quicker than the D9000s, so I'll be able to change back to something decent sooner than I originally thought! Price wise they were cheaper (£600 from Event Tyres vs £800 for the Dunlops), but a false economy really. Stick with the Dunlops if you can
  2. Does my A8 need new discs and pads ?

    Thanks for the feedback and advice. I've seen a couple of comments on other forums suggesting that changing the rear discs is more complex because the electronic handbrake has to be recalibrated using VAGCOM once the job is completed. Any thoughts ?
  3. New to 2006 3.0 TDI

    I had this problem a while ago and was planning to take to Audi dealer to fix. In fact it was fixed as a result of disconnecting and reconnecting the fibre optic loop (I was taking the glovebox out for fix a rattle). Definitely worth a try as you can easily disconnect the fibre optic loop by accessing the compartment on the left hand side of the boot where several systems are connect by fibre optic. Just unplug one of them (it's the thick twin cable), wait a minute then plug back in. You'll probably hear some ckicking sounds as the systems search for a valid signal while disconnected. Should take no more than 10 mins start to finish. Be interested to know if this works or mine was pure coincidence.
  4. My local Audi dealer is telling me that my 2006 A8 3.0Tdi requires new discs and pads all round. Being rather skeptical of this type of advice (my wife was told by our Mercedes dealer that her car needed new front pads - just 3 months after they had fitted them!), I wondered if this is something I can evaluate myself. Of course, I don't want to take any chances from a safety point of view, but neither do I want to replace something that has plenty of life left in it. The car has covered 90k miles, mostly mine (bought ex demo), probably 80% has been motorway. The front pads were replaced at 50k miles (I vaguely recall a warning light appearing in the dash). Given that, it would not be surprising if the all the discs and pads needed replacing, however a quick visual check shows the pads with 3-4mm (and no warning lights). Disc wear seems more difficult to assess, the depth of the lip is 1-2mm all round, but no idea if this is reliable guide. So any advice welcome a) To what extent can I evaluate myself (without specialist tools) the level of wear to the discs and pads ? b) If not possible, can any decent garage make the assessment and, if necessary, do the work (we have an excellent local garage on our doorstep) ? c) Any thoughts on a reasonable price to pay for new discs and pad fitted, Audi garage quoting £840 inc vat Thanks in advance
  5. Cambelt change

    You're in luck - the A8 3.0TDI engine has a chain, not a belt, so should be no need to replace during the normal life of the engine. Which Audi dealer called you ? Just so I know not to let them anywhere near my car
  6. A8 D3 CD Changer

    As far as I know, AMI and Bluetooth are seperate subsytems of MMI. Not sure what's involved in retrofitting (or the cost of) factory Bluetooth, others on this forum may well know. I expect the Dension solution will be the cheaper option for combined media and phone functionality. AMI definately has a more sophisticated interface, however the Dension works fine, just not quite as pretty.
  7. A8 D3 CD Changer

    The Gateway 500 connects into the fibre optic systems that connects all the media components in the car. It doesn't actually connect directly to the CD changer, although it's often installed in the dash so you can connect your iPod to it in the glovebox. You can check out any other features on the Dension website. The kit will come with the necessary fibre optic connectors and it's pretty much plug and play. I fitted mine myself in the boot, behind the panel on the left with all the ancilliary MMI and radio gubbins in it. I've an old iPod I leave permanently attached (other than to update for new tracks) so no need to have in glovebox. Took less than an hour, very easy to do, and saved saved quite a bit on the cost of installation. Alternatively, you can now have the factory AMI system fitted by Audi dealers for around £500 or so, may be a better choice if you're going to pay to have it fitted.
  8. Tyres only or New Alloys with tyres?

    Moving to 18" from 17" should be fine, but if you're concerned about any increase in road noise or impact on ride comfort, then avoid fitting Falkens. I have recently fitted a set of FK452s to replace OEM Dunlop D9000s (on 19" rims) and the Falkens are far noisier and less comfortable than the Dunlops. Saved a couple of hundred quid, but a false economy unfortunately.
  9. Body shop to adjust door hinge ?????

    Sorry to hear about these problems, but car will be well worth it once all sorted out. Shame on the dealer though - which one is it ?
  10. MMI Screen, raising and lowering problems

    Had similar problem with mine, replaced by local Audi dealer under warranty last summer. Dealer says would have cost around £350 if paying for it.
  11. Too many miles?????

    My 2006 (56) D3 has done 82k miles, 7k as demo, the remainder with me since June 2007. No significant problems at all during this time and the car feels like it'll happily go on for another 80k. Allways had it properly serviced with Audi dealers (although may look into independants now the 4 year warranty is up) and no cambelts to change as it's a 3.0TDi. So, if everthing else stacks up, go ahead and enjoy !
  12. Squeaks and rattles from D3 interior

    I had an intermittent rattle/fizz type noise coming from the glovebox area in my D3 some time ago, managed to trace it to a loose washer in part of the glovebox hinge and damper assembly. You'll need to remove the glovebox to get to it. It's a bit involved, although I found some good guides on the internet. You need to remove the CD changer, unplug the power and fibre optic connectors, and remove the blank opposite it to access 2 bolts, there are 3 more in the side panel where the fuses live, 3 in the glovebox roof and 1 more underneath. With the bolts removed, the glovebox will come out with a bit of persuasion. You'll need to disconnect the lamp connector and a catch for the CD cables to remove it completely. The bolt and washer is visible on the side of the glovebox and will likely just need a tweak with a screwdriver (probably worth putting a drop of loctite on also). Shake the govebox to see if any other sounds that need sorting. If the glovebox is not the culprit, look at three other things whilst the glovebox is out 1. Any loose cables or connectors 2. The housing for the coin drawer can make a bit of noise, easily sorted with some sticky foam 3. One of the large multi connectors in the fuse area may be loose - same solution as 2. Replacing the glovebox is the reverse of the removal, can need a bit of persuasion to line up properly, another pair of hands wouldn't go amiss. Hope that helps.
  13. Although I've owned my D3 3.0TDi Sport for over three years and 70 odd thousand miles, my mind's gone blank on one particular feature. When you change the suspension setting from Sport to Comfort (or back again), should the arrows on the display illuminate to show the car rising or falling (just as it does if you select 'lift') ? I'm obviously asking this as mine doesn't, however I'm not sure if it used to or if it's a figment of my imagination. Maybe someone with a D3 Sport could kindly put me straight ? Many thanks
  14. Any D3 tyre recommendations ?

    Thanks to all for the feedback so far. Anyone had experience of Goodyear F1 Assymetrics (as opposed to GSD3) ?
  15. Hi all, Just joined the forum and this is my first post. I'm just about to replace the tyres on my 2006 3.0TDi Sport (standard 19" 255/40). It's done 80k miles and the original tyres and last two replacement sets were Dunlop D9000. I've been quite happy with the Dunlops, they seem to have a good combination of comfort, grip and wear characteristics (plus they have the handy protection strip), however just before I go for a fourth set, wondered if anyone had any preferences or recommendations ? Thanks in advance