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  1. E53 rear washer NO WATER!

    I've just realised that I've made a major' faux pas' I meant to write bimmer not bummer. I apologise for any offence caused.
  2. E53 rear washer NO WATER!

    Hi all, this is my first post in the bummer section as I have recently purchased a 2002 X5 3.0 petrol. This is the issue that I need help with. When I bought the car the rear washer did not produce any water when asked to, but I thought it would be something that I could fix in time. I have read a few posts on this issue and on investigation I have found that the pump works fine and will deliver water (all over my face lol) The problem is that the water isn't getting to the back. Is there some where to start looking for a blockage? Are they prone to blocking in a common place? Also can anyone tell me how to detrim the tailgate as I think I may be able to get to the water pipe where it meets the nozzle jet. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Mat
  3. Parking break won't release

    I mostly use the switch to release the brake and to apply it. But I do use the auto-hold a lot. Well I did...... lol
  4. Parking break won't release

    Thanks, I'll see if I can locate someone local to me with the right gadget
  5. Parking break won't release

    Hi all. car is a 2005 passat B6 model. I have an intermittent problem where the parking break motors are making a noise (or at least one is) but the break won't release. Any advise will be greatly recieved. I have taken matters in to my own hands and removed the fuses, in my haste I removed all fuses which included one that power the ABS. I gave replace those and just left out the 20amp one for the motors in the calipers. Another problem I have now is the the ESP light is permanently on. The ABS works fine. Is there a method is resetting the ESP. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  6. Wet carpet....Help!!!

    Latest update! I think the problem is solved.. Under the scuttle panel on the passenger side there is another strangely shaped piece of plastic, I took a photo of it in place before I removed it for reference to refit. This is located directly over the air intake to divert any water straight to the drain dole over the wing. It appears that it wasn't fitted properly as when I refitted it, after I had been nosing around, I went back in slightly different to my photo. Since then I haven't had anymore water getting in. Fingers crossed..........
  7. Wet carpet....Help!!!

    Scotty, thanks for that. It's definitely clean water. Have seen a small pool of water on the floor nearest to the wing. So will investigate,will have to wait til the weekend though now.
  8. Wet carpet....Help!!!

    Latest update. Pollen filter is dry! All the foam underlay / sound proofing is sodden. I have pulled the carpet back and removed all the wet stuff. I can now get a better idea as I should be able to see where the water is coming in from.
  9. Wet carpet....Help!!!

    ..Luke, no ones cleaned it for quite a while but you're welcome to...
  10. Wet carpet....Help!!!

    Thanks for the reply cuprabob, I don't have a sunroof so I can rule that out. Will have a look at the seals. Although it's all dry around the pollen filter air-intake is it poss with all the rain we've had that's where it could be getting in? Think ill pop the filter out as well and see if it's wet. Cheers.......
  11. Wet carpet....Help!!!

    Hello all, I've recently noticed a damp smell in the car, which is a 55 (2005) B6 passat estate 1.9tdi, I've traced this to being a wet carpet in the front passenger footwell. I've taken the plenum cover off as I expected the drain holes to be blocked and it to be like a paddling pool. But to my surprise it was dry. I'm looking for suggestions on where to look next. All the electrics still work, the only thing that concerns me electrically is that the 'bulb blown' light is periodically on but all the lights are working fine..... Please help if you can. Thank you for reading this dramatic appeal for a dry car
  12. 1.9TDI Oil grade

    Thanks for that info. Any idea what brand of belt (timing and aux) to use?
  13. The V8 has moved over.

    Can you explain more?!?!?!?!
  14. 1.9TDI Oil grade

    Hi folks. Can a one let me know the required oil speck for a 55 plate 1.9tdi passat. Also I'm going to get the cam belt and bits changed bit I've noticed there are lots of different brands on the market. Which is the best/most reliable to fit. Thanks.
  15. The V8 has moved over.

    Quick snap of the new lady in my life