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  1. P 205 keeps cutting out

    Many thanks, I'll look at that first!
  2. P 205 keeps cutting out

    J reg P205 1.4 cabriolet (skip) Has been occasionally missing a beat for no obvious reason for 4 years. Last month it cut out whilst doing 50mph and wouldn't restart until the car had come to a halt. It then ran fine for 3 weeks until last week when it died 6 times in 3 miles but each time started again after a couple of mins. Now it runs for about 20 seconds. By the time you try to check everything it runs again. Any ideas please?
  3. Audi 100E Avant Quattro 1992 FWB replacement

    Many thanks for the quick reply. Job done although not quite as quick as you suggested. I'm obviously getting slower with age!
  4. Need to replace OSF wheel bearing on my own car. It is a 2.3 petrol 5 cyl quattro. Is the bearing in a separate hub carrier or does the whole strut have to come off? Have got use of ramp and press but would like to roughly plan how long to allow. Hope someone can help and hope this has been posted correctly as I am totally new to forums!