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  1. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I think part of the problem is the ever increasing factory wheel sizes. When the B5 A4 came out, the maximum wheel size was 16" running 205/55 R16s. Nowadays you see 2.0 TDi A6 on 20s running 255/35 R20s. Fecking horrific in the snow! Tyres like Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, Continental Sport Contact etc have big chunky tread blocks to help cope with the car weight and stop the tyre moving around too much on the tarmac during cornering / braking......... but these are a disadvantage in the snow. Snow grips snow, but with big tread blocks and the circular 'bands' that all high performance summer tyres seem to have nowadays, snow doesn't stick in them
  2. Car wash pain

    Yeah, because they pay a fortune in tax, wages, business rates, rent, public liability insurance.....
  3. Car wash pain

    Putting a new car through a car wash and complaining about swirls is a bit like porking a prossie and complaining about catching an std!
  4. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Hahaha quality. That car will no doubt have a Haldex controller. Smudge proved on camera you just cannot make a stock R32 do doughnuts! It refused point blank to permanently lock the clutch to lock the rears to the fronts!
  5. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Cannot imagine Haldex allows you to have any fun in the snow?
  6. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Nice! Glad you gathered it up! Dashcam capture it?
  7. Felipe Massa retiring from Formula 1

    2017 Mercedes engine bill reduced from £14M to £1............. or something along the lines of etc
  8. 2014/15 A8 - 4.0 or TDI???

    Are we talking about a D4 Audi A8 4.0 petrol - but not the S8? Wow, that model / engine makes the W12 look common! Biggest risk with that model is ever being able to sell it at the end! How much of a bargain are the early D4 S8s? Down to 33 34 35k. Most hot Audis are Jekyll and Hyde, but this one even more so! I was lucky enough to briefly drive that model S8 at speed 3 or so years ago - Christ it was a weird experience indeed!
  9. Coincidence!

    Nice! Registered almost a month apart, but almost certainly at the same dealership.
  10. Cheap flights to US East Coast

    Christ, that's disgusting, £240 'tax' in the airlines pockets
  11. LED Headlamps

    I got excited then! Sadly, 104 degrees Fahrenheit - not Celsius! (about 40 °C)
  12. LED Headlamps

    Haha There are two separate arguments here. The first is that people cannot park. Which I totally agree with. I've climbed in through the passenger seat a few times, possible in the cars I've owned. I appreciate this is not quite so easy in (for example) a coupe etc The second issue is of modern cars getting bigger and bigger, and most car parking spaces are simply not big enough. We can moan about this as much as we want, and / or be in denial about it, but the fact is supermarket / multi storey / railway station car park spaces have not grown year on year like cars have grown Arguing a 7 series needs this remote control parking system is a bit like arguing you could submerge a chocolate tea pot in liquid nitrogen in order to make a cup of tea. You could make a cup of tea this way. Or, you could just use a normal tea pot
  13. This. With ADS (Audi Drive Select) in simplified terms, 'Comfort' will give you the first half the pedal travel as dead travel, with the last half of the pedal travel giving you the throttle, whereas 'Sport' will give you a much more linear throttle pedal Thankfully on the modern Audis the car 'remembers' the last used settings each time you start the engine. This wasn't always the case - some older Audis would revert to 'Auto' each time! Your best bet is to put the car in 'Individual' on the ADS, and set the car up how you like, with 'Sport' on the engine giving you the linear throttle response. I'd imagine you might be able to select separate engine and gearbox settings? And just to confuse matters, on your tiptronic, you will have a sport setting on the gear selector?
  14. LED Headlamps

    WTF is ambient air?
  15. LED Headlamps

    WTF? Is the 'd' in 520d for depreciation? What the hell did you spec it with? Full Koala fur interior? Kardashian diamond encrusted dubs? The Olsen twins on the back seat?