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  1. Why is diesel now so evil?

    You've said it yourself - diesel isn't evil - the Government have simply done a U turn so they can tax us now that most people have diesels due to the ridiculous price of fuel in the UK The new car tax system is a joke. The 40k surcharge is one of the most blatant tax the rich set ups I've seen in a while, it applies to electric cars, so a Tesla now pays the same tax as an Aventador. Go figure. Cannot believe the Tories introduced this - anyone would think it's a Labour tax! There used to be a real up-front incentive to have a smaller more efficient engine. First example that comes to mind - a choice a friend of mine made recently - a 1.0 petrol turbo (three cylinder) Fiesta was free to tax, whereas a 1.25 petrol was £110 ish. So if you keep the car 10 years and do low mileage and buy a car once every 10 years (like he does) that's £1100 in your pocket. The 1.0 turbo costs more to buy, and a major selling feature was the fact the economy was better and the CO2 was less - hence it was free to tax - but if they are the same price to tax, people might just buy the cheaper 1.25 which is less efficient and makes more CO2. The sooner the government bite the bullet and put it on fuel with a rebate set up for vat registered companies (taxi firms, haulage, bus companies etc etc) the better
  2. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Welcome back Martin. Nobody on this forum drives let alone buys new Audis any more. Expect "should've bought a BMW" comments any moment..... The torque fest turbocharged V6 and ZF tiptronic box should make for a very nice combination indeed. You had many fast Audis since that absolutely gorgeous B6 S4 you had from new? Yours and a few other forum members on here were definitely a factor that persuaded me to get one
  3. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    Is there a faster depreciating car out there? I just had a look at 2012 2013 2014s on Autotrader. Some mega low milers - the pence per mile must be biblical! http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?sort=price-asc&make=MERCEDES-BENZ&model=CL&year-from=2012&minimum-badge-engine-size=5.0
  4. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    ....and squander the rest?
  5. MSV / Donington & Bedford

    Opps, was reading about this in the local rag the other day, I completely missed the fact it will occupy the land the circuit sits on, and doesn't sit alongside / nearer the A6!
  6. M3 V8 - Known issues?

    Mac is the man to ask, he ran one to almost double this mileage!
  7. RS3 - Saloon!

    Unfortunately the perfect getaway car. Silver, stock 18s, already side debaged. Stolen in Manchester, hidden for over a month, and then used for a job in Liverpool. Was wearing plates nicked from another silver S4 Epic fail attempt to torch it - looks like they sloshed petrol over it with the passenger window open (quite likely smashed during initial theft to clone the key) and it failed to catch light.
  8. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    This. The spec makes these cars imo. I'd happily have for example a bone stock S6 with zero options (bar paint) but I definitely wouldn't want a base spec A3! HD Nav 'touch' system for example.
  9. MK Meet - Weds 1st Feb

    Great to see you all. Mild evening, shame about the drizzle! Great food as ever, table booked for next meet Weds 5th April, after the clocks have changed, will be daylight!
  10. MK Meet - Weds 1st Feb

    1. Ian_C 2. Richard_W (TSN) 3. Jamrowls (RS246) 4. Ross_DC (RS246) 5. Lee_W (Various) 6. Adz552 (Audi SRS) 7. Monty (S2 forum) 8. Dan (S2 forum)
  11. Outlook question - is this possible?

    Definitely definitely definitely not any more.
  12. MPG in my A8

    Hope you got home yesterday okay mate - I heard the A1 was shut northbound?
  13. MK Meet - Weds 1st Feb

    1. Ian_C
  14. Weds 1st Feb, 6:30pm onwards at Ye Olde Swan, Woughton on the Green, Milton Keynes, just off the A421. Our new home is Ye Olde Swan - bags of outside seating for the summer, a cosy 16th century core (no Disney windmills here!) plus most importantly great food! Table booked as we departed in December, number required before the night, hence the roll call below.... 6:30pm onwards, any enthusiast welcome, not just VAG and / or Porsche! Usual suspects please post your interest, potential MK meet newbies please post below so we can look out and welcome you, even more so given the dark nights and new unknown location! The meet is posted on RS246, Audi SRS, the S2 Forum and TSN. Ye Olde Swan Newport Road Woughton on the Green Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK6 3BS 01908679489 The bit highlighted in red on the second map is the road through the pub - you can access from both ends. Congregate at the north end of the car park, the four spaces by the red arrow are the biggest for A8s + RS6s etc
  15. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I think part of the problem is the ever increasing factory wheel sizes. When the B5 A4 came out, the maximum wheel size was 16" running 205/55 R16s. Nowadays you see 2.0 TDi A6 on 20s running 255/35 R20s. Fecking horrific in the snow! Tyres like Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, Continental Sport Contact etc have big chunky tread blocks to help cope with the car weight and stop the tyre moving around too much on the tarmac during cornering / braking......... but these are a disadvantage in the snow. Snow grips snow, but with big tread blocks and the circular 'bands' that all high performance summer tyres seem to have nowadays, snow doesn't stick in them