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  1. According to the literature the new TTS has 85% to the rear and 15% to the front on normal driving ???????? that's what it says anyway. Thanks for your help guys.
  2. It drives fine with the ESP off whats the chance of becoming part of the scenery though?
  3. TTS Slow off the line

    I am having difficulty getting my new manual TTS away from the lights it bogs down and the gear changes are harsh. I have to boot it so hard to achieve any decent forward progress it sounds like I am trying to get it into orbit. Any tips on driving the all-wheel drive TT? I had the 2007 2.0 FWD TT before this one and to be honest it felt more lively, and was very smooth through the box. Perhaps it is a little tight it's only 2 weeks old.
  4. Thanks Guys helpfull to the max I like the stick thing in the middle.
  5. I have just blown my last bucks on a new Audi TTS, how can I get a fast launch from the lights? it feels like the brakes are on. It has so much torque built up in first, the transmission bangs into second unless you hesitate on the clutch and loose power. Diesel vans are leaving me standing. Also do I hold the power on through corners like the old type 4X4. Should I turn off the ESP for a quick launch? Jeremy Clarkson could not get it right on the R8 in last weeks Top Gear so perhaps I should not feel to bad.