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  1. homer's avus s line saloon !

    Well the new car arrives on Monday, picking up at 10:30am - will pop some photo's in my gallery, but I think a few folks have beaten me to the punch this time, so probs not of much interest. One question though has anyone gone for the Autoglym Lifeshine to protect the exterior and scotch guard the interior on there new cars ? Never been asked before but the dealer has just mailed me asking if I want it done in the vallet ! Not had a price yet, just wondering if it's worth while !
  2. homer's avus s line saloon !

    Thanks Guys ! I'll get it added to the order - Things not due till July so I've got a couple of weeks to play with. Look forward to seeing the pics Mark ! Are the chrome mirrors on yours RS4 or are they regular chrome'd versions. Would love to get some RS4's on the car !
  3. homer's avus s line saloon !

    Hey Willie any chance of a shot of the interior of your car ? Not seen one in solid black to compare !
  4. homer's avus s line saloon !

    Bose has been swapped for Sat Nav in the offers now. TBH would prefer Sat Nav for £500 than Bose for free anyway, so worked out well for me. Had Bose in my last car, and it is nice, but so is the original stereo tbh. I'm thinking about the Black again now, think you may be right on look and feel ! Prob is the more options I add the more taxable benifit I get hit for
  5. Halo 3 Beta goes live 16th May

    You don't pay to play the beta !
  6. homer's avus s line saloon !

    With the black optics, black really is the only way to go. Still wondering if I should opt for Phantom after seeing an RS4, but I'm sure with a bit of wax brilliant can get close in the shine department. Anyone know of any vids of the DVD nav, would like to see it in action !
  7. homer's avus s line saloon !

    Why start a new thread when you can reignite a 25 page old one Finally look like I'm wrapping up the replacement for my beloved original S Line. With a Wife and a Baby now in tow things have had to get a little more practical, so my new car is as follows : Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI 170ps S-Line Special Edition Brilliant Black Executive Pack - which includes GSM Phone Prep in Front Centre Armrest, Front Centre Armrest and Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Interior Light Pack CDx6 DVD Sat Nav Acoustic Rear Parking Privacy Glass Cruise Control No Model Inscription Test drove a SE 170 desiel at the weekend, and was impressed with the performace, and the improvements to the refinement and ride quality over my car. The noise within the cabin was far less and the wife did not sigh with every bump we touched. I've moved dealers for this purchase. My old dealer after 3 cars 100k spent did not feel inclinned to offer me any discount or even a reasonable trade in. They also quoted me 6 months delivery. The new dealer is giving me a reasonable deal, pushing for just over 8% discount at the moment so hoping to get all of the above for 27k otr, and the usual 12 weeks delivery. Just hope they are not stringing me along ! Could not turn down the S Line SE spec but I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the two tone leather. Black is a £400 option and I kind of begrudge paying for that, so I will probs stick with the two tone in the end. Can see me changing the brake, gear and possibly steering wheel to the RS4 spec items soon after delivery, they are far nicer the the alcantara trimed stuff !
  8. Production Times ?

    It is a company car, and I'm looking to make the change sooner rather than later due to the tax hit I'm currently suffering on the petrol quattro I've got. When is the B8 due though ? The dealer said they had nothing confirmed other than 2008, but the suspicion was end 2008 atm I test drove a 170TDI FWD this morning, and the power is not really a problem. 2nd gear accelaration will overwhelm the grip but above 20 mph it becomes a non issue, trust me I pushed it pretty hard On a side note I have to say the engine is mighty impressive. Usual noisey mess at standstill but quieter and for overtaking atleast quicker than my petrol, 40-80 was blindingly quick !
  9. Production Times ?

    Anyone in the process of ordering a new A4 desiel ? Been to see the dealer this morning, with the expectation that I would be able to get my hands on a 2.0TDI 170FWD within the usual 8-12 weeks, only to be told the earliest I will now see one is early September. I'm told the whole of Audi production is extremely busy, particularly this engine drive combination. 6 months for a car like this seems very extreme to me though, and I just wonder if it could be more down to dealer allocation. Going to speak to other local dealers today, and see if they are quoting the same, but just wondered whether others on here were having a similar experience. I'd finally got over the traumatic thought of switching from my beloved 1.8T Sline Quattro saloon to a FWD desiel avant, with the Sat Nav and Spec Ed. options easing the pain, but this sort of delivery is making me wonder if I need to change my plans !
  10. Gee not posted here for a while, but come back at a time in need Bit of a long shot but does anyone have a copy of a March 2004 official A4 price list, if so I would most appreciate a copy. I wish to get the list price of my 04 1.8T 190 Sline Quattro, as well as all the options ! Should soon be trading this one in potentially for a 170 2.0TDI Sline special avant, as we now have a little one who takes up more space than I can beleive
  11. Thanks for that. Never new that area of the board even existed
  12. [ QUOTE ] i can certainly sort that out for you. i will have them in stock in a week /2 weeks. if you let me know how many may be interested then i will certainly do a good deal for everyone. [/ QUOTE ] Is there a group buy being organised on these ? Deffinately interested if there is !
  13. Trading the S Line

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I'm therefore jumping out of the company car scheme, and will be funding my cars privately from now on. To do this I need to shift the S Line, and plan to trade it in for a low miliage TT or something.... [/ QUOTE ] Fully appreciate why you are getting out of the company car scheme, but why are you parting with the quattro S line? Ian [/ QUOTE ] Thanks for all the replies guys, and apologies for posting and then disapearing. The above is a good point and one which I have given some more thought to since originally posting. I'm now considering buying the car from my company, and running this car personally for the remainder of the three years I planned to keep it. The advantage to doing this, is that the car has been depreciated on the books and will therefore be worth around 12k to the company at the end of this year. I will therefore arrange to buy the car from the company at as close to this figure as possible (I beleive you have to pay a reasonable trade price for the car, even if you are buying from your own company, my dealers low quotes may be of bennifit here) which will mean I will pay alot less for this car than I would pay for a similar spec / quality car from a dealer. Should also give me an advantage come sale time, as it should give me alot more equity in the car, to put down on a new car and reduce the personal pain of running a car slightly.
  14. Trading the S Line

    Well the tax man has finally finished me off. Can't afford to pay the company car tax on the S Line anymore, or to put it correctly, the car is not worth the taxable benifit which I have to pay. I'm therefore jumping out of the company car scheme, and will be funding my cars privately from now on. To do this I need to shift the S Line, and plan to trade it in for a low miliage TT or something, as I want to switch quick and not wait for build weeks etc. Just wondering what people felt my car would be worth on a trade in, spec is as follows : 2004 04 A4 1.8T Quattro S Line Avus Symphony Bose Xenons Front Armrest Electric R/W Autodip Rear view with Auto Lights ISOFIX 20,500 miles Dealer has offered me 14.5k, which seems rather low. If anyone has a Glasses guide or similar, a correct part ex and private sale price would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !
  15. Xbox 360 Games thread

    [ QUOTE ] I see Ghost Recon 3 (Advanced Warfighter) has been delayed until February 2006 now It's a shame that it is not going to make the launch. [/ QUOTE ] From the video's they released of it at X05, it needed to be delayed. The game looked nothing like the highly impressive grainy vids which were relased during E3, and looked barely good enough to be an Xbox game let alone a 360 game. Hopefully with the extra time they will make somthing alot better !