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  1. The TSN Diet and Exercise Thread.

    I had my second run this morning and to add some geekery to it, I downloaded sanoodi Smaps for the BB so can now track distance, any hills and average/max speed. Gives me a target to try and get a bit further each time
  2. What would you do?

    It seems like you have some very good advice already but my 4p... I did the maths a couple of years ago and buying or leasing a new car didn't work out financially, I was better off with the co car. It is worth mentioning that my allowance is about £500 but as I do very few bus miles, I dont get much in the way of fuel. I decided to opt out and get something a bit older. That way I am free to change it when I feel like it and it would help your tracker situation. The downside is the chance of high repair bills or breakdowns. Not sure if you have looked into insurance yet but that was a big cost for me, especially in the first year. A lot of companies wouldn't take my company car no claims and with business cover and needing a hire car for the duration of any repair (one of the opt out rules we have) it limited the insurers I could use and raised the cost. The original confused.com quotes I had were way off when I came to doing it.
  3. New facebook layout - hate it.....

    I think this fits in nicely The Daily Mash - Carnage As Facebook Moves Everything Slightly To The Left
  4. The TSN Diet and Exercise Thread.

    I love squash as it suits my lifestyle perfectly Only takes 40 mins to an hour, gives me a damn good workout and I can play in the evening or when it is raining. I tend to play at 8pm so have finshed work and helped get the kids into bed. It also only needs 1 other person so much easier to arrange than football etc. Only problem is it is pretty hard on the joints as I found out earlier this year when I made a mess of my ankle m4ttm4son - I didnt say I was very good either, just very competitive and there are 5 or 6 lads in my local league that are of a similar level to me so we always have a good game.
  5. The TSN Diet and Exercise Thread.

    I have been reading this thread and the other one and I downloaded the couch to 5k app for my BB and had my first run last night. I am pretty unfit as I had surgery on my ankle in July and was in a cast or walking boot until 3 weeks ago. I am going to take it slowly and see how I go. My goal is to build up the strength in my ankle and get some general fitness so I can get back to the squash league. Watch this space
  6. Apple addicts

    I think people buy things based on marketing, advertising and peer comments/pressure. Apple are masters of exploiting this through their marketing campaigns and I can bet a lot of people have decided to buy the ipad long before they go to a shop to play with one and work out how "fantastic" they are to use - you only have to look at how many are sold on pre-order to show this. I also dont think windows is the benchmark and I haven't stated anywhere that I do. I have very strong opinions on microsoft but those are best left for another day. mrme, yes I have used one for more than 15 minutes. In fact I have my sisters ipad 1 at home at the moment as she now has an ipad 2. Having had it for 2 odd months, I can honestly say I would not buy one with my own money. Its main use is when we put my 3 year old son to bed, he watches fireman sam/peppa pig on it before he goes to sleep. It is easy for him to hold/watch, does not produce as much heat as a laptop and has a good battery. This is going to be my last post on this because I am losing the will to live...I didn't mean to get into a forum arguement about it
  7. Apple addicts

    Calm down Mac, where did I say I am the only one who understands hardware? In fact I didn't even say I understand it myself. My point was that the majority of people who use computers (laptops/tablets/deskops) use it for email, Facebook, online banking a bit of left handed browsing while the Mrs is out Having a top spec mcbook or a 2nd hand dell will not make any difference in the time it takes me to pay my gas bill or watch some idiot in america hurt himself on youtube. I am the first to admit that I dont know the apple catalogue off the top of my head including tech specs and prices of each item, does that mean I am not entitle to my opinion that I dont need an ipad?
  8. Apple addicts

    My comment of 3 times the price was a hyperbole for a reaction from the apple cult members But my point remains. The ipad2 retails for about £400, for the same spec hardware in a PC, you wouldnt be able to find one as they just dont make such low spec machines anymore. Probably an unfair comparison between tablets and laptops so if you do need a tablet (and I am not sure why the average person would need one or what they did when they had to manage with a simple desktop or laptop), Android and Windows have tablets available from £70 to £250. To compare laptop and laptop, a windows machine can be picked up for £300 and a mcbook over double that. If I could be arsed, I would dig out tech specs of each but I cant It doesn't sound like it from my posts above, but I really have no issue with Apple. In fact I see see a lot of similarities between Apple and Harley Davidson. Harley market technically "inferior" bikes in such a way that people buy into the "lifestyle" and pay a premuim for it. I say good luck to them
  9. Apple addicts

    I do know what they can do......about half what my PC can do for nearly 3 x the price Like I say, I have no issue with apple, I have an ipod and would probably have an iphone if I didn't get the free BB from work. On said f&^%wit in my example. No external keyboard, no 3G and no work email on the ipad as mail is not web enabled due to the business we do and not wanting to leave potentially sensative info on non company computers. There is no doubt, he just wanted to use his new toy and in the process looked a tit
  10. My wife can be quite like her mother too and I make a "joke" of it by calling her her mothers name, it seems to get the right response even if I do get the odd slap.
  11. Apple addicts

    I dont have an issue with Apple but I dont get the form over function and price apple seem to charge. That said, they are a very, very good marketing company and have convinced people to the point of being fanatics. I do have to laugh at apple users though, picture this scene. I work for a healthcare company and by default we get a Lenovo laptop on Windows XP/Vista and a blackberry. There is no discussion about that and any non company equipment is not allowed on the network and cannot access work email. But not long after the ipad first came out, I attended a meeting where some F&$£wit was tapping away on his ipad. Turns out he is taking minutes....on a device that he cant connect to the network. So he will take the minutes on a device that is designed for everything except being a word processor, he will then take it home and connect to the internet so he can send these minutes to himself by email so he can pass them on to us
  12. Ah, that is a shite. Remember it is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission I say just do it and enjoy a few days/weeks of silent treatment - as a fellow married man with small kids, I always welcome a bit of quiet time
  13. My comment was a wind up, but past experience tells me that.
  14. But you are happy to lose XX grand on trading it in vs selling it privately so save hassle
  15. Are you saying I drove an old mans car for a year - I resemble that remark and it was the diesel estate version too :grin: On the subject of private sales, each to their own and all that. All I am saying is it kills me to give the dealers several grand when I dont have to. For test pilots, I always say no test drives without full asking price and proof of insurance in my advert. Happy to take the person out as many times as they want but I will be driving. Nobody has objected to that yet.